5 tips for perfect skin

Daily life after stroke shows stress at work … In the end, we do not think often enough to take care of his body. Although the French have the reputation of being dirty, they are more likely to want to take care of their skin. To help you, give you 5 tips Mens Health.fr clever and effective.

Men have an animal instinct that often leads to flee the soap. Outcome, unless you are a perfume lovers, we still do not feel very good and our skin deteriorates. Even if it may seem a detail, it is a handicap for seduction and it is also bad for health . Unless you want to live in the woods should remedy this situation. To do this, follow these tips.

1 / Wash your face twice a day
Every man who respects himself remembers washing sessions mandatory that they needed their mothers when he was child . Result, the majority of the time you do not wash your face. Or not you take a shower in the morning, it is necessary to dispense water and soap on the face. Repeat this cleaning in the evening. The dermatologist Deborah A. Simmons is clear: “This is very important if you live in a big city. But even if you live in the countryside, your skin is constantly assaulted. It is therefore necessary to clean your face at least twice a day. ”

2 / Eliminate dead skin twice a week
The skin cells die constantly. Should therefore be cleaned regularly. For this, use a scrub with an exfoliating cream for men. Another advantage, it definitely improves your complexion.

3 / Keep your skin hydrated
The manufacturers of beauty products in the constantly repeating their advertising campaigns you must moisturize the skin. They are right because it gives a better appearance and more importantly, it protects. According to Dr. Simmons, “when you clean your face, it stimulates the glands that allow him to stay hydrated. Thus your skin is better protected against pollution attacks that block pores and cause pimples and acne. ” In addition you wash in the morning apply moisturizer. Make sure, before you buy, that it does not clog pores.

4 / Shave with a shaving brush
Stop spreading the gel or shaving foam with your hand! “Start with a badger shaving her is the best way to prepare your skin for the attack of the blades,” said Danielle Malka, an American specialist shaving problems. The foam goes everywhere and is instantly in contact with skin. At the same time, she moved better between the beard, which avoids frequent breaks. It is not without reason that the badger has been used for centuries and it existed long before the bombs shaving foam. Sometimes it is beneficial to cultivate the tradition …

5 / perfume Change
Your friends and colleagues are accustomed to your scent. And if you regularly changing surpreniez perfume? Select several and use them in different situations. You will play with children, hold a scent sweet and not aggressive. You want to seduce a woman? Take a perfume musk base. Not only you will change regularly odor, but also you will feel another man …