5 Tips for Successful Rifle Shooting in Competitions

Shooting is probably one of the oldest sports in the world. Even when kings and queens ruled most parts of the world, they used to go for hunting. Over the years, things have changed a lot and now rifle shooting has become a well recognized sport. In fact, there is a 10 meter air rifle shooting event in Olympics as well. So, if you are interested in shooting, you need to know a few basic things. Accurate shooting skills can help you earn fame and glory in major sporting events.


Correct position of finger on trigger: Trigger is the ultimate mechanism that releases the bullet from your rifle and thus, it needs to be handled carefully. Check your finger placement on trigger before pulling it. Make sure that your finger is placed in such a way that will help you draw the trigger smoothly straight to the back. The finger position must be maintained till the bullet hits the target. In case you move the finger too far inwards, your bullet will go right and if the finger is too outward, the bullet will go to the left. Such small changes in the path of bullet may seem nothing in wild animal hunting, but when you are shooting in an international event to win the gold medal, even a centimeter can make a huge difference. Missing the target will result in lost points and eventually, you will lose the competition.

Breathe normally: Don’t get tensed while shooting as it increases your breathing rate and nervous hands can never shoot correctly. Don’t try to hold your breath because it is an unnatural action and thus, brain will not perform correctly. Shooting is eye-hand-brain coordination and if any of these fail to work in the right manner you will not be able to hit the target. Take three, four deep breaths before picking up the rifle and shoot when you are exhaling.

Wear proper shoes: Shooting is not just about gun and bullet. In Olympic and other sporting events you must shoot standing in a fixed position. The problem with rifles is that when you shoot, it thrusts backward and can shake you from your position. Therefore, you must buy the right shoes for shooting competition. You can use shooting boot or ski booth to hold your position firmly.

Right body alignment: Do you think you can just pick up the rifle and shoot? It may look that simple in movies, but when you are taking part in a competition, there is no shortcut to success. It takes both patience and technique to achieve your goal. Your body alignment must be perfect to achieve the best score. Here is what you should do. First, pick up the gun and aim at the target. Then, close your eyes and turn your head to the right or to the left. After that, open your eyes and close them again. Now, look at the target once again and you will be able to focus on the bull’s eye.

Grip strong: You must grip the rifle steadily to make sure that it does not move while shooting. If your grip is loose, you are bound to miss the target. If you think wearing gloves improve your grip, then wear gloves and shoot comfortably.

Shooting is a game, but it takes years of practice to be a professional shooter. Your body strength, confidence and aim must be excellent to win a competition. Keep practicing and remember the tips mentioned above to achieve success.