5 Tips for Total Motor Home Comfort

RV travel can be a lot of fun and a great way to create lasting memories with your family. It can also be a source of much frustration and unforeseen problems without the right sort of preparation. To make the road trip as comfortable as possible, you should start planning far enough in advance to address any maintenance issues, create and double check a packing list, know what the climate will be like at the destination, and research some popular RV travel tips online that will make life easier.
Size Fits the Family – Whether you are on loading up in one of the classic 1960s Winnebago motor homes or are purchasing a top-of-the-line luxury home on wheels, the most important consideration is whether or not the vehicle can comfortably fit the entire family. Five kids and two parents won’t easily fit in just any motor home. If budget is a problem and you’re stuck with a small rig, get some of the kids excited about camping in tents when you reach a destination to open up space inside.
Maintenance Prep – Just like you would check the oil, air filter, and other fluids in your car before heading out for a long drive, you need to do a complete check of the motor home. A motor home has many more components that need to be checked, though, and repairing them might take longer depending on the parts needed. Give yourself at least a couple-week buffer period to do a thorough check and fix anything you find.
Travel Checklist – It seems that every family trip always gets a few hours down the road only to realize they forgot something vital back at home. It’s even worse if you don’t realize you left something important until you’ve set up at a campsite. Prevent any last-minute forgetfulness by preparing a complete packing checklist and running through it a couple times before departure. The couple hours you spend planning a checklist will actually save you time, not to mention the headache.
Keep it Clean – A cluttered home is a stressful home, especially if that home is on four wheels moving at 60 mph. Maintain a clean RV, keep everything put away exactly where it is supposed to go, and don’t let the family leave things around, cluttering up the already limited space. Every time you make a pit stop, empty out all of the rubbish. By getting in this habit, you will always have a clean and comfortable space to spend time with your family.
Stay Warm – One common problem, especially with older motor homes, of living in an RV is the lack of insulation. If you are headed to a cold destination where the temperatures are unbearable at night, the last thing you want is the temperature getting inside the vehicle. The best way to avert this and stay comfortable while sleeping is to check all of the seals for cracks and leaks, add an insulating “snake” at the foot of the entrance, use painter’s tape to cover any potential leaks, close the curtains, and use throw rugs as extra insulation.