5 tips on how to beat the post-holiday blues

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There is nothing worse than that horrible feeling you get when you’ve just got back from a holiday. It’s bad enough coming back to normality even after a weekend away – let alone returning from several months’ worth of backpacking. In fact the prospect of having to spend your days clocking in and out of some 9-5 office job in grey, dreary England, where before you were relaxing on the beaches of Brazil with a cocktail and not a care in the world, can give you actual, clinical depression. In order to stave off the suicidal thoughts, bear these handy tips in mind:

Expect to feel like sh*t

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5 tips on how to beat the post-holiday blues, SeekytThe first step to getting over any hurdle in life is to accept that it exists. You need to accept that it’s normal to feel rubbish after getting back from travelling – it just means you had an amazing time while you were away. You should try to look on the bright side and be positive that at least you got to have that experience. It also pays to be aware that it will take a little time to readjust back into your old life – be ready for this ‘blue period’ and prepared to ride it out.

Draw positives from your travelling experience

When you travel, you have to adapt to living in a manner very different to the way you would live at home. This is particularly relevant if you are travelling for an extended period of time. For example, the chances are you will have had to be careful to budget your money, learned to use the internet and your mobile less, managed to do without regular TV. All of these things can be adapted at home to actually improve your life – carry on being frugal with your money (and save up for your next trip!); find time to do worthwhile things other than watching TV.

Prepare for your next adventure!

Arguably the best way to cheer yourself up after a trip away is to prepare for the next one! Think about where you want to go and plan a timeframe for getting there. Obviously you will probably have come home completely broke…. but rather than getting depressed about it, think practically – put together a savings plan to build up your travel fund again. Use comparison sites to look for your flights and hotel to get the best deal – and consider taking out an annual insurance policy to save money from having to buy cover everytime you go away. You’ll find that by taking control and putting a plan in action, you feel a lot more positive.

5 tips on how to beat the post-holiday blues, Seekyt


Exercising regularly is a fantastic way to beat depression of any kind, post-travel related or otherwise. Keeping fit and healthy sends endorphins coursing through your brain and will give you better self-esteem and self-confidence. It also gives you something to occupy your time, so you’re not just moping about missing Mexico or China.

Go out on the town

Fair enough, you might not be able to access the go-go bars of Bangkok or the bodegas of Cuba anymore, but having a series of big nights out with friends will soon cheer you up. Have a few weekends out on the town and enjoy the company of your mates. It’ll do you the world of good.

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5 tips on how to beat the post-holiday blues, Seekyt
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