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5 Tips to Get Organized With Evernote

Evernote, the popular note keeping app is one of the handiest apps to maintain notes including documents, pictures, voice memos or texts. It is a fact that Evernote has become very popular as a note keeping app, but this app is a highly sophisticated app and capable of doing more than what an average user use it for.

If you have been using this app for a while then you must be aware that how within a few weeks, one end up having dozens of notes, and the number increases eventually. So, without learning how to organize these notes, you will not be able to make the best use of Evernote. Without keeping your notes properly organized, you will just end up having a cluttered and crowded hub of notes.
Taking the cue, listed below are five tips that will help you in keeping your notes organized through Evernote. This article offers information about the following four types of management tips:

• The newly made notes should be easily available: This is because, the newly made notes are often the most important and relevant notes for you, so if they get lost in the bunch of older notes then searching them out will be a difficulty. Hence, new notes should be readily available.

• Notes would be available for offline reading: You never know when and where you might get devoid of the internet connection. Therefore, you should keep your very important notes available for offline reading as well.

• Keeping the web page as a note should be convenient: Often, we come across some webpage which you want to save in our notebook (a folder in the Evernote is called as notebook) as a note. Getting this done should be quick and later on searching that note out should also be very convenient.

• Searching the notes should be easy and quick: What’s the use of keeping and maintaining the notes, if the desired notes can’t be found upfront at the time of requirement. Therefore, in every way the search should be quick.

From here onwards, this article will discuss how you can apply the aforementioned notes management tips on Evernote.

1. Create an Inbox

Brandon Collins in his ebook “The 2-Hour Guide to Mastering Evernote” mentioned about creating an Inbox in your Evernote account. This inbox will be notebook or folder that will by default store all the recently made notes of yours. You can name the folder in a different way for instance as “_INBOX.” The “_” mark will let this notebook appear at the top of all other notebooks and the caps alphabets will make it more visible to you.

Therefore, even if you make a note at hurry and don’t have the time to get it organized under the
right notebook, you will come to know later that where you recently made note has gone. Later on, when you get time you can check out that note in your Evernote inbox and transfer it to the right notebook.

2. Connect Other Apps

If you want to access your Evernote notes offline as well, then you need to create a premium account that costs $5 per month or $45 per year. But if you are using the free account, then you don’t get the privilege to access your notes offline, but there is another alternative. You can connect your Evernote account with other mobile app such as Awesome Note (+ToDo) or any other app that lets you access the notes offline.

3. Install the Web Clipper

If you found anything interesting on a webpage and want to save it as a note or even part of that webpage, you can make use of Evernote Web Clipper. For instance, you are looking for a new apartment and want to save the clips of apartment listings, simply use the Evernote Web clipper. This extension will appear as an icon in your Web browser’s bar. To add a clip, you simply need to hit the Evernote button. There is no need of reformatting, thus you save your time. While saving the clips, you can tag it and include them into a particular notebook; this helps you to search it later.

4. Tag Emails

As Evernote lets you add tags, so you can tag your important emails and save them as notes. In your mail account these emails can’t be tagged, hence searching become difficult, if you don’t know the right keywords possibly included in your emails. But you can simply save an email as a note and tag them with a relevant keyword. This will help you in making a quick search.

5. Use Evernote for Meeting Notes

Using Evernote, you can tag your notes with geo-tag, which will help you search your notes by location. For this while creating a note simply tell the location, for instance Los Angeles. Later on, you just need to use Los Angeles as the keyword to find out all the notes that you created in Los Angles.

Using the aforementioned tips, you will be able to make the Evernote more useful to yourself, as now you know how to keep your notes more organized so that you can quickly search them out at the time of requirement.

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