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5 Tips to Make Your Senior Prom Unforgettable

For a lot of students, senior prom marks the biggest and most significant transition between student life and the life outside school. It’s the most special social event that every high school student looks forward to. However, despite all the hype, not everyone manages to make a memorable experience out of their prom. If you are a senior and you wish to make your prom unforgettable, here are some tips that you might want to consider.

Be cool and spontaneous
Whether you are with a date or planning to go stag, remember to always keep your head cool. The more uptight you are, the more awkward it gets – not just for you or your date but for everyone else you spend time with.

The trick here is to downplay the whole event. You might have waited for the prom your whole high school life but you have to treat it just like any other ordinary night of hanging out with friends. Forget about your fear of dancing, your tongue-tie, and your lack of skills with the ladies. Just try to have a good time and you will be able to keep your conversions flowing. This is the most important key to keeping things less awkward, and the first step to making your prom memorable.

Hygiene preparations
With all the dancing, the awkward pauses, human pheromones, and the uneasy conversations, everyone is expected to be all sweaty after some time. Don’t expect to remain all prim and proper to the very end, especially if you’ve got your dancing shoes on. It’s absolutely normal to not look your very best the whole time. However, you can prevent yourself from the most embarrassing stink by being all hygienic and by putting on some cologne. One of the worst ways to ruin a whole night’s worth of effort is with some smelly armpits.

Do a little bit of background on your date
Although some people are naturally good conversationalists, most of us aren’t. So in order to make it easier to talk to your date, do a little bit of background check on her – no, not the stalker type of information check but more of the casual details like her TV show, favorite music, or whether she even knows how to dance or not.

Having something in common should make it easier to converse. Do not just rely on the fact that pheromones attract women and men; find something that you both like or have in common. Just imagine if you both didn’t like dancing. Wouldn’t that save you from a whole lot of awkward tension?

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