5 Tips to Write Effective Content in Post-Hummingbird Scenario

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5 Tips to Write Effective Content in Post-Hummingbird Scenario, Seekyt

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We all know, SEO has changed a lot, and in order to keep Google happy, we need to feed Google what it really wants, i.e. Content that is not only of highest quality for users, but optimized well enough for Google as well.

So how to make a piece of content optimized for Google today? Gone are the days, when we could simply stuff our main keyword within the article 5-10 times, and it will start ranking for that keyword. Google is now taking LSI very seriously, and now you need to really change the way your content is developed, otherwise, your online business might be left behind.

Following are 5 Key tips that you need to include in your content development process right away to ensure success:

  1. Keyword density for your main keywords cannot be more than 2% now.
  2. Use Synonyms for your main keyword and use them instead of repeating the same keywords again and again.
  3. Base your content on the Questions and Answers, try to provide your readers with answer to their questions within the content. In Semantic Searching Google tends to look for exact answers to the searcher`s questions in order to provide them with best possible surfing experience.
  4. Being specific is the way to go now. Your content should be focused on what the page is about. Don’t list 2-3 topics on 1 page, instead use different pages, and perform in-depth keywords and synonym research for each.
  5. Long Tail SEO is the new Long Term SEO. You need to come up with several long tail keywords related to your main keywords and create content around all of them. This will not only make you rank for a variety of keywords but will increase the crawling rate of your website, as you will be posting more and more content regularly.


We at Extreme SEO Internet Solutions believe Google`s Hummingbird update has directed website owners to the right direction. Now we are focused on creating more meaningful and user centric content instead of the content that we used to build for bots few years back. There will no longer be a set formula of how to write an article for SEO, no set number of words, and no set format. The more natural and informative the content is, more Google love it will get automatically. Since all these changes are still in their initial stage, it is high time to step-up your game and incorporate all of these new tips to your content creation process to avail whatever benefits Hummingbird may have in near future.

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5 Tips to Write Effective Content in Post-Hummingbird Scenario, Seekyt
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