5 Top Best Dream Jobs for Pregnant Women, Product Tester, Daycare Manager, Home Based Business

Daycare Manager

The best dream job for a pregnant woman would be managing a daycare center. In this job, the woman would gain experience and knowledge in dealing with and handling children at different ages, stages in development, and needs. This would help the woman to prepare for the birth of her own child. In addition, the stress on the pregnant woman would be lower in managing the daycare because she wouldn’t have to constantly be in contact with the kids and their problems. Instead, she would be in charge of making sure the kids are in the appropriate rooms with the necessary supervision, as well as other duties that don’t involve a lot of exertion or stress. – Lexington, NY

Do Little Receptionist

The best dream job for a pregnant woman would be in a nice climate controlled office. She would be in charge over the other employees. Mainly just answer the phone. Other office workers would take care of filing, dictation, and interviews. Her coffee with cream would be brought to her each morning with a nice bagel and cream cheese or a sweet roll. Life is sweet! – Locust, NY

At Home Product Tester

The best dream job for a pregnant woman is testing out items that involve the main rooms of her home that she would be using while growing her bundle of joy. Those rooms would be the bedroom, bathroom, and living room/family room. Items such as pillows, mattresses, mattress pads, sheets, eye masks, lotions, clothing geared towards expecting mothers, soaps, blankets, foods [because of course she has to eat at some point during the day],and any items that would be beneficial to her health and well-being through out her days of pregnancy and beyond. Her job should be fun and have the benefit more loose time restraints on getting her opinion to the companies but with and good amount of pay to help offset her future personal expenses. It should be something that allows time for relaxation but keep her time occupied enough so that she is not bored through out the rest of her day. Wheaton, IL

Work From Home Data Entry

The best dream job for a pregnant woman would be a job on-line. A pregnant women should be allowed to work at her own pace, from home, on the couch with her feet up. Data entry jobs on the computer would allow for pregnant women to work from a home office with a bathroom right nearby at all times. The ability to work for a while and then change positions or get up and take a walk is important. Also, pregnant women are more productive when they get to take a nap in the middle of the day. Productivity for the company would increase while allowing the pregnant woman to work in comfort. This would be the perfect job for any pregnant woman. – USA

Sole Proprietor for Home based business

Being pregnant, means being more tired than usual and needing to take care of yourself and baby. So, running your own business from home as a sole proprietor takes care of income and well-being. You can control your work hours, rest when you need to and be your own boss. Working as a sole proprietor also means you will not be required to manage others or spend countless hours trouble-shooting regarding employee problems. The key to being successful is choosing what you know. If you worked for a recruiting company, open your own recruiting company from home. Maybe you hand make custom scarves or t-shirts. Be sure you’re qualified and the start-up time to get going will be almost non-existent. Call everyone you know and tell them what you’re doing. Design a simple website and enjoy being at home. – Aliso Viejo, CA