News 5 Top Trends For Blinds Design In 2014

5 Top Trends For Blinds Design In 2014


There are two kinds of people in the world – those who will choose window treatments and not think about them again until absolutely necessary, and those who don’t like to stick to the same look for too long and change up their window treatments regularly. No matter what kind of person you are, if it is time to update or makeover your home, you should be aware of the blinds design trends for 2014 so that you can get started.

1.Multi-layered window treatments

This is perfect if you cannot decide whether you prefer curtains or blinds most – simply combine them! Layered treatments have proved to be quite popular in 2014, and it tends to work best when you have blended the colours of both rather than contrasting them. Try to keep the overall look clean and ensure that your colour palette is consistent. Any type of blind can be used underneath a curtain to achieve this look.

2.Bursts of colour and ‘hot’ patterns

Homeowners like to accent their neutral homes with bursts of colour in order to create an atmosphere that is both vibrant and relaxing. Oranges, yellows and greens are the ‘hot’ colours for 2014 and will complement neutral colours quite well. Contemporary patterns and bold blinds design is also quite popular. Think lavish, flashy fabrics and fabrics like velvet, silk and even fur – nothing is out of bounds!

3.Enhance space by going, wider, longer and banding

With homes seeming to shrink in size, many homeowners are looking into space enhancing designs. This has led many blinds to be wider and longer than the window, leading to an illusion of a bigger opening. In 2014, many homeowners are choosing to add visual width and height through the use of vertical or horizontal banding. This also allows you to match fabrics or patterns within your existing décor.

4.Sheers have been given a new look

In the past, the word ‘sheer’ has brought to mind frilly, over the top, lacy fabrics that just don’t have a place in the homes of today. In 2014, however, sheers have been given a whole new look that has put them right on trend. Your blinds design might be interwoven with unexpected materials, printed with patterns or feature contemporary headings – the possibilities and only limited to your imagination!

5.Setting the right mood with tone on tone

It is no secret that the right blinds will let the rest of your home and décor shine. When choosing window treatments for your home, consider the mood that you want to create – do you want to promote relaxation and sleep, or vibrancy and fun? You should also ensure that your blinds are harmonious with your walls and wall colour – this will also help you to reflect your chosen mood.

Now that you are fully aware of the 5 blinds design trends that you are likely to run into for 2014, you are ready to plan how you will move forward within your own home. Whilst you don’t have to include all of the above trends (or any of them, if none stand out to you), we certainly recommend that you read through them all and have a think about them in regards to your home. And don’t hesitate to speak with a window treatment specialist!

 5 Top Trends For Blinds Design In 2014
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