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5 Types of Headaches – Which Kind do You Have?

It’s been a long day at the office, or you’ve had a hectic day with the kids. Whatever the reason, this headache is persistent and not going anywhere fast. What are different types of headache pain and do you understand how to determine the types of headaches? Some can be caused by lifestyle changes, food allergies, or even hormone imbalances. And how do you avoid it? The techniques are simple.

First there are tension headaches. This is the most common type of headaches. It’s when we feel pain or pressure around the temples of our head. The pain may also occur in the back of our head or in our neck. These headaches aren’t as troublesome as migraines, but they’re still bad enough to stop you in your tracks. To track the cause, think of what you ate or drank in the past in the last 24 hours. Think about how much you slept. What were you doing before the pain started? All of these could be triggers to your headache.

Types of Headaches – Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are another popular headache. Usually these headaches are a direct result of an infection, but nonetheless, they are painful and bring a person down to their knees. These headaches may be accompanied by a fever, while they are often treated with antibiotics. If you have a sinus headache, it may be that your allergies (sometimes caused by food allergies) have gotten out of control, but just lay low and with a day or two everything should be back to normal.

Migraines are another tough headache. These types of headaches deliver pounding, throbbing pain. Ay their worst, nausea and dizziness are part of the headache as well. Blurred vision, stomach upset and loss of appetite are other symptoms. They can last anywhere from four hours to three days. To discover the cause of the headache, think about the last twenty-four hours. Did you drink soda when you haven’t it in a long time? Did you pull an all-nighter when you haven’t done that since college? Your body may be telling you to slow down.

Cluster Types of Headaches

Cluster headaches are also a painful headache. These types of headaches affect more men than women, but regardless, they are not enjoyable. The pain mostly centers behind the eyes, either coming as a throbbing or a constant pain. This is the least common type of headache, but mostly occurs when someone has been staring at a computer, phone or tablet for too long during the day. I think we are all guilty of this one. These headaches are called cluster headaches because they often happen in groups, most happening one to three times per day.

caffeine headaches


Finally, caffeine headaches can be the absolute worst. We all love our soda or coffee, but what we don’t realize is that our body becomes addicted to it. When we go without it, our body goes through withdrawals—hence, the caffeine headache. This happens when you drink a lot of caffeine and suddenly stop cold turkey. Your body is not getting the addiction that you were feeding it, so the headache is your body’s reaction. Most caffeine headaches are severe and throbbing but don’t give in. Take a pain killer and get on with your day. Your body is much better off without the soda or coffee.

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