5 Types of Restaurants You Should Visit Before the Year Ends

There are an endless supply of different concepts when it comes to the restaurant industry. If you’re looking to try some different variances from your typical fine dining or fast food experience, you have a number of trends to choose from. The following five are must experience places that you’ll want to taste before the end of the year.

Farm to Table

One of the most famous trends to take over the culinary world is the farm-to-table-movement. This buzzword refers to food sources that have been with locally sourced and grown ingredients. The gastronomic society in previous years was one that placed its importance on getting food to the table quickly. However, trends have changed and taken on a more sophisticated and thoughtful approach to dining. People are more concerned about the environment and how their food is prepared. They also take into consideration if fuel was wasted getting the product to the restaurant and what condition the food is in once it got there. Farm-to-table ingredients mean that your food is refresher and more nutritious since it was sourced local. Many restaurants today have their own rooftop or backyard gardens. This means that they can prepare foods that are in season and at the peak of freshness. Whether you sit outdoors or ask to sit at one of the restaurant’s booths, you’re sure to have a unique dining experience.



Restaurant portions have taken a major hit over the past couple of years. In addition to being laden with astronomic amounts of calories, fat and sodium, the portions are also to blame for America’s rise in obesity. Smaller portion meals are most popular today. If you’re looking for foods that are bold in flavors and smaller in size, you’ll want to try tapas. Made popular in Spain throughout the centuries, tapas is a type of finger designed food that is ideal for nibbling. Guests typically order several small plates from the cold and hot portions of the menu and share the items at the table. Accompanied by a glass of Sangria, you have a diverse selection of food offerings. Because the portions are tinier than your average meal and less costly, you can sample a variety of dishes.

Healthy Eating

Diners today are more health conscious about the food that they consume. In addition to taking an interest in calories, guests also want a restaurant to offer food choices that will go with a particular diet trend such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo. If you’re looking to score big on flavor and skip the added calories, you’ll find an assortment of healthy eateries out there to try.

Food Trucks

A fun and popular trend to hit the food and restaurant industry is the food truck concept. The advantages of this mobile dining experience is that they don’t have the overhead that a standard restaurant has. This makes it easier for the food trucks to open and provides customers with low cost options. To find the best ones in your area, you can search the Internet for the fan favorites. Social media makes it easy for the restaurants to notify their customers of their exact location via Tweet and Facebook post. Diners can enjoy everything from Italian beef sandwiches and lobster rolls to pork cutlets and red velvet pancakes.

Pop Up Venues

Similar to the food truck, pop up venues are another growing restaurant trend for serious eaters. Originating in the 1950s, they were once known as the supper club. However, today’s pop up venues are more eclectic and unique. Whether the restaurant owner has turned an old abandoned warehouse into an eatery or they’ve put a whole new spin on a Victorian home from the 1880s, the pop up restaurants are alluring in both architecture and tastes.