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5 Ultimate Tips for Your Dream-Trip to Langkawi

Planning to spend a weekend on Langkawi? Well, this is a really perfect holiday destination, especially for those who want to relax after the city’s bustle and enjoy the most amazing landscapes of the pristine nature.
Regardless of who you travel with – your family, friends or your beloved one, Langkawi has much to offer you – starting from the turquoise waters and beautiful beaches of the Andaman Sea and finishing with mysterious caverns and stunning mountain views.
Langkawi is like a pearl on the crown of Malaysia and, without a doubt, it’s worth your visit.
So, check out the most important tips to learn how to make your Langkawi weekend easy, safe and just incredible.

Tip 1: How to choose the best time for a trip to Langkawi?
Generally, the weather on Langkawi is hot and sunny in any period of the year. But it’s considered that the most suitable time for a trip is from December to April.
If you like diving and fishing – visit Langkawi in March, April or May: during this period you’ll find lots of different fish around the island.
September, October and November are the most inappropriate months for traveling on Langkawi: pelting rains cover the island several times a day.

Tip 2: What clothing and accessories should you have on Langkawi?
As it was mentioned above, Langkawi has hot tropical climate. In view of this, light clothing made of cotton or linen will be the most comfortable for you. Forget about any synthetical materials and closely-fitting clothing. You should also avoid bathing suits or shorts when visiting local museums, temples and restaurants.
Must-have accessories: cream (or spray) for the protection of skin from the sun and insects, sunglasses, an umbrella, long-sleeved shirt, a small backpack and a sweater (for mountain walks).

Tip 3: What transport to use on Langkawi?
The public transport on Langkawi is represented by bus service, but don’t rely on it because the buses run extremely seldom.
If you want to explore the island in your own rhythm and forget about any transportation problems, just get a rental car. Langkawi has a well-developed road network which covers all the major tourist destinations. Plus there’s no traffic and almost no police on the island.
So, you can find cheap rental cars at Langkawi Airport and make an advance booking for the required date and time.
Pay attention that the traffic on Langkawi is left-sided!

Tip 4: Food and drink of Langkawi
Local food of Langkawi is a combination of Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisines. So, get ready that almost all the local dishes are hot and rich in herbs.
If you don’t like such dishes, you’ll also find lots of cafes and restaurants which focus in European cuisine.
Remember! You shouldn’t drink water from the tap. Always drink only bottled water on Langkawi.

Tip 5: What sights you should enjoy on Langkawi?

Sky Bridge and Langkawi Cable Car
Prepare your camera, because Sky Bridge provides fascinating scenery of the island from the enormous height of 705 meters above the sea level! It will take you just 15 minutes to reach the bridge using the Langkawi Cable Car. If the weather is not cloudy, the nearby coasts of Thailand and Indonesia are also visible. Walking down the Sky Bridge, sometimes you can even imagine that you’re flying above the mountains of the island.

Address: Talaga Harbor Park, 07000 Langkawi, Kedeh, Malaysia
GPS: 6.370645, 99.670914
Price: kids RM25, adults RM35,
Operating hours: Monday-Tuesday 10.00-19.00, Wednesday-Thursday 12.00-19.00, Friday-Sunday 9.30-19.00

“Seven Wells” Waterfall

Seven Wells is truly a unique creation of Mother Nature, which was named for the 7 wells located at the top of the waterfall. And it provides a great show when the water falls from the height of 36 meters.
So, grab some food, drinks and your bathing suit. The waterfall creates a lake with natural effect of Jacuzzi and you have a great opportunity to try it.
By the way, “Seven Wells” is located not far from the Langkawi Cable Car.

Address: Talaga Harbor Park, 07000 Langkawi, Kedeh, Malaysia
GPS: 6.377548, 99.673869
Price: free, parking admission RM2
Operating hours: daily 8.00-19.00

Pantai Tengah Beach
Pantai Tengah is a lovely and cozy beach with soft sand and turquoise water. It’s located in the south-west of Langkawi and its major feature is that there are almost no people there.
This is an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing and of course, for admiring the surrounding nature.
The sceneries are so beautiful and fantastic that it feels like you’re in a movie about the blue lagoon.

Address: Jalen Pentai Tangah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedeh, Malaysia
GPS: 6.279389, 99.731501
Price: free
Operating hours: daily 8.00-20.00

Langkawi Crocodile Farm
Langkawi keeps the world’s biggest crocodile farm. Its territory of 20 hectares is the home for more than 1000 crocodiles and other predatory amphibians.
Every day (at 11.15 and 14.30) the “farm workers” make an awesome show for the visitors – they put different parts of the body into the mouth of these reptiles and even brush their teeth! There’s also a specially equipped place on the farm where you can feed the crocodiles.

Address: Jalan Datai, 07000 Langkawi, Kedeh, Malaysia
GPS: 6.402858, 99.712641
Price: RM20 per car
Operating hours: daily 10.00-18.00

“The Underwater World of Langkawi”

Do you want to explore a unique marine life of the island and of the whole world? So, welcome to the local “Underwater World”. There are more than 4 thousand sea creatures in the aquarium, including fish, turtles, seals, penguins and giant clams. The main feature of this sight is the 15-meters-long underwater tunnel, where you will be surrounded by the huge sharks and the other numerous sea inhabitants.
There’s also a variety of animals that live in incredibly beautiful tropical forests of the Amazon including anaconda and monkeys. Without any doubt, “Underwater World” will be really an interesting place for you and especially for your kids.

Address: Jalan Pentai Chanang, Pentai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedeh, Malaysia
GPS: 6.287778, 99.728015
Price: kids RM30, adults RM40
Operating hours: daily 10.00-18.00

Well, this is everything you need to spend the most memorable weekend on Langkawi. We expect that these important tips will be very useful and will help you to avoid any confusing situations during your trip.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a writer who enjoys life travelling and blogging about interesting entertainment spots while visiting different countries. In this article she tries to find some special ideas for vacation in Langkawi with rentalcars24h.com

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