5 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Better

Being a good neighbor is important, and there are some things that you can do to make your neighborhood a better place to live. Even a little neighborly gesture can make a huge difference.

Visit a Neighbor

Not that long ago, neighbors spent a good deal of time inside each others’ homes. There were things being passed back and forth like small appliances or tools or they were just stopping by to visit. It was a weekly event to borrow a cup of sugar or and egg from a neighbor.

For some reason people seem to have gotten to the point where they don’t want to bother their neighbors any more. Maybe it’s that too many of us have big televisions or that we’re always running around town and just want to be left alone when we get home, but a little visit would do most people good.

If you have an elderly neighbor, you are likely to find that they appreciate a visit more than you would have guessed, especially if you have little ones that you bring along. They always love to see babies and toddlers.

Don’t be afraid to re-discover this lost art of knowing your neighbor. You might have to start by meeting in the yard, but keep at it and you might just make a friend.

Watch Out For Your Neighbor

Have you noticed something that you knew you could do for a neighbor lately that you didn’t act on because you didn’t want to impose?

How about a garbage can left by the street when a neighbor is working late that you could move up near the house, a drift in their driveway that you could move with your snowblower, or a newspaper that has fallen out of the mailbox that you could pick up?

Don’t forget to care about your neighbor’s property. If your dog or cat is using your neighbor’s yard, put a stop to it. Park in front of your own house if you can, and keep noise down to a reasonable level.

Just watching out for each other is what makes a neighborhood feel safe and secure and it can bring people together.

Exchange Goodies

The next time you bake a loaf of bread or cookies deliver a few to a neighbor. This is another lost art that was very common not that long ago but seems rare these days.

You don’t need all of those cookies anyway so why not let some others enjoy them while they are still warm and chewy?

If you have a garden and your neighbor doesn’t, another great way to spread the joy is to share a few of your prize tomatoes or peppers with a neighbor. You can probably use help keeping up with them by late summer anyway so don’t let them go to waste.

Exchanging food will ultimately lead to exchanging recipes, and who doesn’t want a few new tasty recipes to work with?

Be Social

There are certain times of the year where neighbors just seem to come out of the house. Events like the 4th of July, a perfect Saturday afternoon, or at the next lunar eclipse.

Whatever the reason, why not plan an event and have your neighbor join you? You don’t have to commit to dinner and the whole nine yards. Start with beverages or invite your neighbor’s kids (and parents) over to roast marshmallows. That only takes an hour and the kids love it.

If you want to get a bit more involved, get out the grill or build a fire. It really doesn’t matter what else is going on. A grill or a fire create their own entertainment.

Keep Your Neighborhood Clean and Safe

Watch over your neighborhood and report suspicious activity. Tell your neighbor when you’re on vacation and let them know you are there for them when they are out of town. Use exterior lights at night to keep your neighborhood safe and well lit. Be part of a neighborhood watch program or volunteer to coordinate it.

Pick up around your neighborhood park or volunteer to adopt the park if your city allows it. Organize a neighborhood cleanup, a neighborhood garage sale day, or National Night Out event.

Any way that you can get people interacting and spending time with one another your neighborhood is getting safer.

It’s just the neighborly thing to do.