5 Ways To Show Support For Austin’s Football Team

Getting ready to watch your Texas Longhorn’s game this Saturday. Your friends are coming to your house to watch the game or you are all getting together at your favorite bar. You would not show up wearing Texas A&M’s maroon and white would you? As a Longhorns fan you know that burnt orange is the color you wear on Saturdays. You have to show support for the team, colors and yard signs Austin do that. Here are some tips to show your allegiance,

Yard Signs

Yard signs Austin, will let everyone who drives by your home or shows up for a visit that you are a loyal fan. The look of your team’s mascot, the Longhorn will say who you are. Every game is a home game when you are watching at your house, and when your friends do come over on Saturday it will set the mood as soon as they park. Hey if you are wearing the colors it is only fair that your house does the same.

Bumper Stickers

Besides yard signs Austin, you can show our true colors with bumper stickers. The back of your car is a great place for showing your support for the Longhorns. Driving in front of a car with a Texas A&M sticker just got a lot more fun. Think about it, no matter where you drive to, everyone will see you are a loyal fan and isn’t that what you want to accomplish when you wear a team jersey or hat? Your car is an extension of you and as such it is also another place to show support.

Car Banners

Perhaps a bumper sticker is not something you want to do. Maybe you do not want to risk the glue left on your bumper after you remove the sticker (as if you will ever have reason to remove the sticker). A sticker is almost like a tattoo for your car, if you would rather have something temporary, then a car banner is for you. You can put it on and off whenever you feel like it. Most people choose to fly the banner on game day, but when to show it off is up to you.

Team Colors

We all have had that day that we cannot head to the stadium or the bar. Maybe it was travel day or a special event conflicted with the schedule. That does not mean that you can’t show your support. Many fans have not only the team jerseys and t-shirts, but consider adding a burnt orange polo to your closet. It may come in handy for those times when a jersey or t-shirt is not appropriate.

Last and First

Show up at the stadium. Team colors, bumper stickers banners and yard signs Austin are great, but it all comes down to actual support. You may be the reason your team wins. You are the reason why a home team has the advantage. Your support is felt all the way to the field. Tickets are available and nothing like catching the game with a stadium packed with your best friends.