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5 Ways to Spruce Your Hotel’s Standards Using Cheap Bed Linen

If you are a hotel owner in the UK, you will concur that the last few months have been gloomy. It seems like Britons are travelling less while the trickle of international travellers has not been awesome. Obviously more innovative solutions are needed to keep guests coming, and one way of doing this is by investing in exquisite but cheap bed linen.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Before you start protesting that guests are not overly choosy, consider a study by the Hotel Marketing Association (HMA) in 2011. Out of the respondents interviewed, 83% said they rate a hotel based on towels, mats, and bed linen used.

What’s more, Bed and Breakfast Association (BANDBA), in its own study, says over 94% of members who overhauled their old hotel linen for more sophisticated and luxurious materials witnessed increased return guests.

It is pointless to argue with numbers and this is just one pointer that you need to start looking at this as an innovative way to keep guests coming for more.

How Hotel Linen Influences Standards
However big your marketing campaign is, it is the small details that your customers notice when they walk in through the lobby. When you invest in the best linen, you will have upped your standards inadvertently. Take a look at some of these impacts:

1. Enhanced Recognition

The modern hotel guest is very conscious, and as such, they want to be accommodated by only the best. By having your logo embedded on your hotel linen, you will have created an aspect of loyalty with these important guests, and with time, they will get that urge to keep coming to your refined establishment.

2. Exquisite Touch

Nothing attracts your customers more than an effort at providing only the most luxurious environment. However much you have decorated the lobby, a guest will always remember how their accommodation atmosphere was. One way of making this experience memorable is by investing in inexpensive, but splendid linen, from the best stores. This is a sure way to raise your standards and guests will keep trickling in.

3. Comfort

When you invest in authentic linen made from the best materials, such as Egyptian cotton, your clientele will leave the establishment with fond memories of comfort. They will always tell about their experiences and this is an easy way to get a competitive edge over your competition.

4. Highest Hygienic Standards

Unlike the past when you had to buy expensive linen, today you can get bulk deliveries from a reliable supplier in the UK who is then responsible for maintaining the same. You will not incur the cost of laundry and you are guaranteed that your guests will always find clean garments to wear, sleep in, use in the bathroom and when dining.

5. Linen Versatility

Once you identify a credible supplier of cheap bed, bath, dining, kitchen and even kids’ linen, you will be raising your standards by providing all your clientele and staff with the best in the industry. Your linen, both in the dining and guestrooms, will serve all types of clients at your hotel.

Need you any more motivation? Go ahead and get a reputable supplier for affordable linen; the impact will dazzle you when you look at the number of returning guests.

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