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5 Web Design Features Set To Become the Norm In 2014


The year 2014 promises to fraught with various new trends in the field of website designing. Some features that were considered second nature to web designing look all set to be tossed into the dustbin, while what was considered unacceptable is likely to run the roost. This is how dynamic the art of website designing is, and keeping abreast with these changes can save you a lot of heartaches.


As Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight slowly but surely move out of the picture, due to problems with search engine indexing, security issues and incompatibility with the new wave of smartphones and tablets, the 23 year old HTML5 has made a dramatic comeback.

Armed with new updates, HTML5 has found a new lease of life with new browsers that enable it to be employed to deliver an incredible browsing experience. Recognition has been paid its ability to enable advanced website features accessible via a browser.

By being compatible with most devices and applying itself much like an app, HTML5 is set to become a common format in many blogs.

 5 Web Design Features Set To Become the Norm In 2014

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling designs are set to become commonplace as more designers are moving away from giving users a lot of clicking options that divert their attention from the current page. Popularized through the mobile browsing experience, this design, just like Tumbler, WordPress will have a feature that provides for the auto-loading of successive content as and when the user reaches the end of the current content. This strategy requires adequate research and proper implementation to derive the best results.

 5 Web Design Features Set To Become the Norm In 2014

Responsive Web Design

In 2014, mobile internet users are expected to outnumber those who access the web via desktop and notebook computers. Therefore, it has become imperative to adopt a web design that creates a site that is responsive to the device from which it is accessed. Responsive website design creates one site that has the ability to change layout and dwell on relevant content for all users. The designer doesn’t have to create multiple websites for different devices, neither is there need for multiple sets of content. Any subsequent updates and changes are to be implemented on just one design. This practice not only makes browsing enjoyable for all users, but also makes site maintenance a whole lot easier. Having created ripples in 2013, responsive web designs are set to dominate this year as well.

 5 Web Design Features Set To Become the Norm In 2014

Big Font

Fonts are going to be on steroids from 2014! For a while now, website font has been getting smaller with every increase in the resolution and size of computer and mobile gadgets screens. Headings have seen some progress down this path and an equal shift in the body text can also be noticed. These alterations not only make it easier for the visitor to get an overview of the site content, but also draw them into reading the complete text after initially captivating their attention by a large heading.

 5 Web Design Features Set To Become the Norm In 2014

Flat Presentation

Going flat is fast replacing life-like websites that labored to give an impression of real life animations and objects. This has since been found to distract users from the important stuff, which is content. Apart from this, shadows and gradients consume valuable kilobytes and tend to hamper site performance. So, you can expect to see a lot less of these in 2014.

 5 Web Design Features Set To Become the Norm In 2014
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