50 years ago the Berlin Wall was Built

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It was a shocking situation. East Germans fled to the West by the hundreds and thousands. Mostly through Berlin. The communist Russian making the net tighter and tighter. The East Germans kept crossing the border even more. Then 50 years ago the East German government decided to built the Berlin Wall. dividing the country and families completely.

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Over the years 300 people died desperately to cross the border. The Stasis, East Germany police force, shot them dead because they were under order to shot to kill. The West Germany police were not allowed to raise their arms to give them cover. Russia had the West under thread to roll into West Germany and also start a nuclear war. The worst incident was, when Peter Fetcher was shot but not killed and laid in no-mans-land calling for help. The Stasis were there watching. The West German police wouldn’t dare to go and fetch him. For two hours he laid there and bled slowly to death. You could hear him calling for help over the radio stations. He was a young man and it must have been an absolute agonizing death. When he was dead the Stasis went over and fetch him. He was only 20 years old.

When the wall came down nobody was held responsible for these murders. Honecker run to Russia and could not be extradited and tried for the crime he committed. West Germany had to rebuild the whole of East Germany, the houses, roads and factories.

All the years communism was in power in East Germany they never built or repaired anything after the war. When the wall came down and people went across to find their families they were shocked of the state. The East German people who managed to escaped kept talking about the situation under Honecker’s regime. If there was meat it was sold as long it last and so it was with any food. It was a complete disorganized and chaotic situation. People had to queue for hours just, hopefully, to get there in time to buy the food.

There were secret police in plain clothes everywhere. The moment you said something about this mismanagement you were gone in labour camps. When the Party decided to hold a meeting within an hour or few, you had to be there even if your mum was breathing her last breath. If you weren’t there you were under very serious suspicion or arrested for being under suspicion being against communism in other words a spy for the West.

It was not surprising that people tried to escape risking their lives. The pressure was unbearable. People who did espace spoke of not being able to tell their immediate family in case they reported them and they would have been arrest. Also, they could not take anything with them because it would straightaway evidently.

I wonder if people in the West are able to imagine these situations completely. Yet, there are people living in the freedom of the West and good lifestyle who are dedicated communists. This is fine and everybody is entitled to their own belief but what is wrong that they do not go and live in these countries where communism was in the ’50s in the East Blocks. They haven’t got an idea what communism is or was really like. If they so convinced why didn’t go there?

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50 years ago the Berlin Wall was Built, Seekyt
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