50cc Giovanni ATV

There are some things about the 50cc Giovanni ATV that make it unique from all the other off brand four wheelers and quads. In this article, I’d like to share some of those unique features with you, along with some information about this kind of quad that you might find very interesting. While I cannot share troubleshooting with you in a writing such as this, you will find all you need on the various forums and sites online. Here’s some info that’s sure to help you make an informed decision when you look to make a purchase.

Giovanni Four Wheelers are Fast!

You won’t find these things putting along at slow speeds, like many of the other off brand 4 wheelers on the market. They are quite fast on the trails and on flat surfaces and can hold their own on the hills and on rough terrain. Luckily, speed can be regulated for youth riders and inexperienced kids looking to ride on them.

Easy Upgrade for Torque and Power

Interestingly enough, all it takes to increase the torque and power of this little quad is changing out the rear sprocket to a 46 tooth sprocket. This will slow down the unit and make it a little slower, but it will have the power and torque to tackle hills and super rough terrain while you’re out riding you kids 50cc quad by Giovanni.

Stability Limited – Easy Mod

The wheelbase is a little narrow, but luckily, you can purchase spacers to widen the stance of the machine and increase stability. While it might be fine for most riders in stock form, it is a simple modification that will improve the look and perhaps the safety of the unit.

Shipping Limitations

If you’re a Canadian, you’re in luck. Giovanni only ships there 49cc and 50cc pocket quads to Canada and if you buy on eBay, you can often get shipping and handling free of charge.

Crazy Cheap Giovanni Pocket Four Wheelers

Can you believe that you can buy one for just under $200? It’s true and it’s probably the best value in all of motorsports for youth model 49cc class quads. Since shipping is free of charge, you’ll save hundreds of dollars over the other low priced mini four wheelers. Since they only ship to Canada, if you’re a resident, you’ll save a ton of money.

Parts and Service

Parts are available online from a number of sellers, with eBay being one of the easiest and most convenient places to go for parts. Whether it’s a carburetor, starter, or any other part, it will be pretty easy to find.

If you are a Canadian resident, check out the Giovanni 50cc ATV and see if it’s right for your child.