50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

50th wedding anniversary invitations without a doubt announce a very special occasion in the life of a couple. A 50th wedding anniversary, or Golden Anniversary as it’s also known, is a rare achievement in an American society that doesn’t always view marriage and faithfulness the way past generations did. So when a couple reaches this milestone, it’s a testimony to their love for one another and to their resolve through good times and bad times. This invitation not only announces a number of years spent together, it’s an invitation to celebrate the memories of a couples life, the birth of their children, their careers, the kids music and dance lessons, sporting events, college, family vacations, graduations, family disagreements, moving, sickness, health, and much more.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Inspiration

So how do your 50th wedding anniversary invitations express your desire for friends and family to join you in celebrating all of those things and your love for one another? 50th wedding anniversary invitations can be expressed in ways as varied as the personalities and lifestyles of the couples celebrating the anniversary. Backgrounds and cultural dictates also influence the design and wording of wedding invitations. In some cases, children and grandchildren are the architects of the invitations. Their perceptions of their parents and their hopes for them no doubt inspire the creation of their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary invitations. The invitations design has countless design possibilities that stem from the designers creative abilities.



50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Categories

Wedding anniversary invitations can be grouped into two categories of traditional and nontraditional invitations. Regardless of an invitations theme, they should have some basic information like the couples name, the occasion, the date, the place, the time, and the invitation to the guest. You should also include a request for the quest to respond with their plans to attend or not. Knowing how many people plan to attend will help plan for a reception.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Formal

Formal 50th wedding anniversary invitations typically have a more reverent tone. Again, this could be a function of the couple’s personality. Old school, professional couples or young movers and shakers might use a more formal invitation. Their invitations are more about what’s expected of people of their socioeconomic status. The wording on a formal invitation might sound more like Shakespeare than modern day English. A formal invitation might also contain references to the couples’ faith.

An example of the wording on a Christian couples formal wedding anniversary invitation referencing their belief might look something like this.

But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife; And they two shall be one flesh: so then they are no more two, but one flesh.What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.

                                                                                  Mark 10:6-9

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Nontraditional

Nontraditional 50th wedding anniversary invitations might take on lighter, humorous tones. They may emphasize joining in making the celebration a fun time to be remembered. It might also have a humorous picture or wording. The nontraditional invitation is more about what’s important to the couple than about what’s expected of them.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Cultural Ethnic Heritage

Ethnic and cultural heritage can also influence wedding invitations. American has a very rich diversity of ethnic backgrounds with strong cultural traditions handed down from generation to generation. Some of these cultures have religious traditions associated with marriage that effect wedding anniversaries and invitations. When you consider all of the different factors that make up an anniversaries, you can see how wedding anniversary invitations can be as varied as the American people.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Professional Designers

If you have a general idea for your invitation but don’t want to try to do it yourself, there are professional design services that help design wedding anniversary invitations. You can check gift card shops, wedding planners, and on the Internet for professional help designing your invitation. Your spiritual leader is another resource for design inspiration. Whatever the inspiration and design, 50th wedding anniversary invitations announce not only a number of years spent together, but they’re an invitation to celebrate the memories of a couples life.


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