News 6.5 Ways to Sell Your House Worry-free in Bangalore

6.5 Ways to Sell Your House Worry-free in Bangalore


#1: The outer impression comes first

Buyers tend to judge your home even before they come in. So as they approach the house, make them feel welcome, warm and safe. Arrange some shrubs and colourful flowers in your entryway. You must keep in mind that you don’t over-improve your home’s exterior as it may cost you more than you can cover. Do a good research and put your money in things that will get you the best return. Even in flats you can arrange some shrubs outside the door. In a lot of flats for rent in Bangalore, you must keep your house’s exterior tidy and attractive.

 6.5 Ways to Sell Your House Worry-free in Bangalore

#2 Keep your home show-ready
When you put your property or apartment on sale, buyers can come to see your house anytime. So you need to keep your home clutter-free and systematic. Keep your clothes well arranged in the cupboard, sink spick and span, bathroom neat as a new pin, kitchen renovated a bit and window sills spotless and tidy. You need to be available at all times to show the new buyers around. Do all these things as it will help you sell your house fast.

 6.5 Ways to Sell Your House Worry-free in Bangalore

#3 Kitchen should look upgraded
Make your kitchen look new and updated. If you think you need to remodel it a little then do it as it will benefit you in the end. It will probably get you 85% of your money back. A buyer may ask you to reduce your decided price if the see your kitchen outdated. The most inexpensive updates that you can do are new cabinets and painting. Use a neutral shade for you walls for your buyers to visualize their own style. No need to transform your kitchen completely, just make small changes to give it a renewed look.

#4 De-personalize your house
It is very important to take the home out of your house for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Put your personal belongings, family photos, souvenir collections in storage. You can also consider hiring a home stager to make the best use of your home. The home stager will best showcase your floorplan and make your house look more spacious.

 6.5 Ways to Sell Your House Worry-free in Bangalore

#5 Don’t renovate too much
No need to do a complete overhaul of your house/ apartment. Just make quick fixes as that always pay off. If you make any big refurbishments before you put your house on sale, it is less likely that you will get your money back. Clean the curtains, get a new coat of paint on the walls, repair door handles, kitchen sideboards, and fix dripping faucets and damaged furniture.

#6 Price it the right way
No matter how much you renovate or stage your home, it is still imperative to price your home fairly. Conduct a proper research on apartments for rent in Bangalore, visit a real estate agent, and check real estate sites online to make comparisons with similar homes that are on sale in your area or the market. To sell your house quickly, think from the buyer’s perspective and determine the price. You can also have your neighbours, real estate personnel and friends visit your home.

#6.5 Offer something extra
Your buyer will be very happy if you give him a little extra something. You can allow him a credit, let him move in earlier than decided, pass on the warranty of your appliances. These things are simple and easy to offer and will make your buyer feel special.

 6.5 Ways to Sell Your House Worry-free in Bangalore
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