6 Foods that Naturally Fight Infection

Often when we get sick we are quick to go to the doctor and get prescription medication. We feel that the only way to fight off what is ailing us is to ingest high powered antibiotic medications. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, some infections require something stronger, but most can be helped using natural foods that we can get at the store any day of the week. Here are 6 foods that help to fight infection.

Garlic – Garlic is a wonder food. It spices up our dishes, makes our breath smell to high heaven, and it helps protect our bodies. Apparently microbes, yeasts, and worms hate the stuff too, because garlic helps to ward them off. Incorporate a lot of garlic into your diet to stay healthy.

Ginger – Ginger is most commonly known in ginger ale. However, unless you are drinking Canada Dry brand, you are just getting the ginger flavor and not actual ginger. If you have a cold sore, work ginger into your diet (just grate it into boiling water and drink it like tea). It can also be useful to reduce allergic reactions and calm nauseated stomachs.

Fermented Foods – Don’t think of fermented drinks, those won’t do much for you. Think of foods that have a natural fermentation process that creates probiotics. Specifically yogurts and cheeses. You especially want to eat yogurt if you are taking a prescription antibiotic since it will kill the good bacteria too.

Citrus – Focus on lemons. These citrus fruits have compounds in them that help fight off bacteria and other pathogens. You don’t need to eat a lot, but just squeeze some lemon into your water, or zest some of the peel onto your salad.

Horseradish – Like garlic this root is one of the best antimicrobials that you will find. It can help clear up urinary tract infections and other infections. It is spicy, so you might want to try to find this in an extract pill form. But some people love the spice, and can put horseradish on about anything.

Honey – The reason that honey never spoils is twofold. First there is so much sugar in it that the bacteria can’t take hold. Second, it has built in antimicrobial properties. Just be careful, pasteurized honey is little more than honey flavored sugar; you need raw and unprocessed for the full effect.

There are more foods than these six that can help you stave off infections. And the good news is that you don’t just have to eat them when you are feeling sick. Instead, make sure you get plenty of them in your diet all the time, and you will notice that you don’t even catch a cold nearly as much anymore. Whatever you do, try to stay away from the dangerous antibiotic medications that can cause nerve damage and other deadly side effects.