6 Holiday Season Safety Driving Tips

Although you have probably already heard the holiday driving warnings of the California Office of Driving Safety and the California State Transportation Agency, we at 855-WIN-THE-CASE would also like to give you some tips on how to have a nice stress-free holiday ride home. As millions of people hit the US roadways around Thanksgiving it is vital importance to drive with extra attention to the road situation.

What the California Highway Patrol will be focusing on this long Thanksgiving weekend is:
– Texting and talking on your cell phone while driving
– Child seat safety
– Seatbelt usage
– intoxicated driving
CA driving organizations and institutions will also cooperate with the authorities in the Border States in order to reduce the number of collisions this holiday season. Over the last 5 years the numbers of people killed in car crashes on Thanksgiving weekend is shocking: between 250 and 300. In order to reduce the number this year and keep your family safe we advise you to follow the next few road safety tips:

1. Buy a roadside safety kit and always carry it with you in the vehicle you are driving.
2. In order to avoid fatigue when you have to make long distance travels, you better take turns driving. A driver should stop every 2 hours if not even more often in order to stretch his legs, walk around, and have something refreshing to drink. If possible, try to switch drivers every 3-4 hours.
3. If the driver of your “Holiday vehicle” is a bit intoxicated after the long Thanksgiving celebrations, you should designate another driver and let the other one sleep or eat something in order to sober up.
4. If your final holiday destination is far from your home make sure you have an early start in order to reach it without having to hurry up or drive at night. Although many drivers enjoy night driving during the holidays the traffic is heavy even then and it may be really hard for you to focus.
5. Always buckle up your seatbelt, even if your seatbelt, only if you only have to travel a mile or two. If there are kids in the car, you have to provide a special safety seat for them.
6. Texting or talking while driving is absolutely forbidden. This can distract you from the road situation. As you know even a second of negligence can have fatal consequences for some people, so do your best not to get distracted while driving on the busy holiday roads.
If, however, a road -related personal injury accident occurs and you need some immediate legal assistance, you can call us and ask for help. We are always ready to redirect you to a qualified negligence lawyer no matter where in California you are located!