6 Innovative and Economical House Remodeling Ideas

The price of real estate properties is skyrocketing these days and finding a comfortable apartment within budget is becoming more challenging than ever. Those who are blessed enough to have a house are therefore planning to invest in remodeling to make sure they can enjoy all the amenities of an apartment in their old house. Considering the remarkable price difference between old properties and new ones, I think it’s a wise move to invest in remodeling instead of selling an old property and buying a new apartment.

However, remodeling is not a cheap affair either and since you are trying to improve a house that already has a fixed structure, it’s very important to calculate your steps before opening the purse. You have to make sure that the money you are going to invest will increase the livability of the house.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend in remodeling, here are cost-effective home remodeling tips for you. Read the following suggestions to change the overall ambiance of your old house.

# Build a pantry to avoid kitchen cabinets: The cost of building kitchen cabinets is quite high and they create more inconvenience than benefits. Cabinets go high up in the wall, consume that wall space that can be used for windows and since most cabinets remain out of reach due to height, they never get used properly. On the other hand, developing a walk-in pantry is much cheaper, it offers lots of space for storage and you can access the stored items without a ladder.

# Install a shower and get rid of the bathtub: If you own an old house, I am sure there is a bathtub in your house. It was a trend in the 80s to install a bathtub in the bathroom to reflect the financial status of the homeowner. Tubs take unnecessary space and hygiene wise, is not very good as well. On the contrary, a shower can be installed even in a small bathroom. It wastes less water and is certainly more hygienic than a bathtub.

# Try to bring windows together: It’s certainly good to have multiple windows in a house as they increase air movement and rays of the sun illuminate your home. You can certainly have many windows but their placement must be planned. For example, it’s always better to have 2 windows on the south for better wind instead of a window on the south wall and another on the west. Similarly, if your house has a great view (lake, sea etc.), make sure most of the windows face that view. After all, it is not just about air and light, great views are also capable of rejuvenating you.

# Reduce ceiling height: Most old houses have very tall ceiling to make sure inhabitants stay cool during heat waves and give the rooms a taller look. However, these days, cooling and heating both can be done with the help of an AC or heater. Hence, it’s better to keep the ceiling low. Lower ceiling means less cubic area and that means lower electric consumption during the heating or cooling process. If you want to give the room a taller look, paint the walls using multiple colors to create proper optical illusion.

# Spend time in planning to build intelligently: Sometimes minor improvements can help you save hundreds of dollars. For example, if there is not enough space in your room to accommodate a large cabinet, measure the area and try to understand the reason behind area wastage. You may find that a large window is taking valuable wall space and thus, you are not getting any place to keep your cabinet. Just close the window by using bricks and you will find enough space to accommodate the new furniture without breaking the wall.

# Compartmentalize the bathroom: If you have 2-3 kids in your house and there is only one bathroom for them, the economical solution is to compartmentalize the bathroom in two parts to make sure that two kids can use the bathroom simultaneously and yet enjoy a little privacy. To do that, you can arrange the basins in one part and commode and shower in another.

Hope these tips will help you in your house remodeling. Just one final advice: don’t try to stretch yourself to buy items that are beyond your budget. For example, you may love the granite countertop for your kitchen but if it’s too costly, use something that comes within your budget. You can always remodel the small things after a few years when you have enough money.