6 minutes to a 6 pack

6 minutes of blissful intensity

Can you dedicate just 6 minutes of your time every day towards getting that well defined body that you’ve always wanted? Are you looking to tone up?

If the answer is yes, then I’m glad you’re honest with yourself because all you need is access to a room with a little space. There’s no excuse for those who have a normal functioning body with a low risk health profile. 6 minutes? Really now, so let’s not moan about not having the time to look good and feel great. Obviously you’ll need to factor in around 5 more minutes, because you should never avoid the warm up, cool down and stretch. I recommend at least 3 minutes of warm up followed by around 3 minutes of cool down and a minute of stretching.

A good warm up can simply be spot jogging or skipping and if you have a bike or treadmill you can use that too. I like to use the same method for cool down, except you start at a higher intensity and reduce it to a lower intensity. This is opposite to the warm up, because during your warm up phase your intensity starts low and progresses to high before you move into the workout phase.

So let’s get cracking.


  1. * 55 seconds of push-up – 5 second rest
  2. * 55 seconds of a plank – 5 seconds rest
  3. * 55 seconds of burpees – 5 second rest
  4. * 55 seconds of jump-squats – 5 seconds rest
  5. * 55 seconds of pull-ups or chin-ups – 5 seconds rest
  6. * 55 seconds of push-up burpees – progress to cool-down.


Can you do it?

Don’t ask yourself if you can, instead ask yourself when?

Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Tips: You need to have a water with you!
Rest day: Rest the next day
Total workout time: 6 minutes
Warm up, coold down & stretch: 7 minutes
Intensity: 80 – 100%