6 Most Engaging Restaurants of Bologna

Bologna…This Italian destination is well-known not only for its amazing historical masterpieces of art and culture. Bologna is also famous for its incredible culinary traditions.
Well, if you are lucky enough to visit this North-Italian city, don’t skip your chance to visit local restaurants and trattorias and enjoy fantastic Bologna’s cuisine.
The only advice: don’t choose tourist restaurants because they usually offer not a traditional but mostly “mixed” menu, and it will be difficult to assess the full taste of the local cuisine.
So, if you want to find a really worthy restaurant in Bologna, check out the following TOP 6 eateries, where you can fully relax and taste the most delicious Italian dishes.

1. Trattoria Amedeo
Located in a lovely place near the historic center of Bologna, this friendly restaurant provides high-quality cuisine and well-priced service.  Its extensive menu offers a large choice of traditional dishes including first and second courses, and, of course, fish meals cooked in various ways.
The only thing – you need to book a table in advance, because Trattoria Amedeo is a very popular spot among locals, and sometimes it can be difficult to get there.
By the way, the meals are so large that it will be enough to take a single serving for 2 persons.

Pasta Italiano

Address: Via Saragozza, 88
GPS Position: 44.490245, 11.331671
Working hours: 12am-11pm
Price range: 15-45€

2. Taverna del Postiglione
It’s situated just a few steps from the famous Piazza Maggiore and the Two Towers. The menu of the tavern consists of traditional local dishes combined with modern tastes: pasta with cheese, walnut and pear filling, pasta with pork, sauce and much more.
Of course, don’t miss to taste famous “tortellini” and “tagliatelle” – Bologna’s iconic meals. Unfortunately, Taverna del Postiglione starts working only at 12:30 pm; therefore this is not a very good spot for breakfast.

Address: Via Marchesana, 6
GPS Position: 44.492750, 11.344936
Working hours: Monday-Saturday 12.30am-2.30pm, 7.30pm-11.30pm, Sunday-closed
Price range: 20-50€

3. Ristorante Il Pescatore
You’ll find this restaurant in the center of Bologna. If you like fish and seafood, you should definitely visit it.
Ristorante Il Pescatore offers the amazingly tasty fish dishes from Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia and Tuscany: octopus with potatoes, pea puree with shrimp, mussel soup, zucchini stuffed with shrimp and much more.
Like in many Italian restaurants, a dinner begins there at 7pm, and it would be better to book a table in advance. By the way, it’s recommended to taste their snacks of raw vegetables when waiting for your main course.

Address: Via Nazario Sauro, 12
GPS Position: 44.496503, 11.339282
Working hours: daily 12pm-11pm
Price range: 15-60€

4. Pane vino e San Daniele
This restaurant is a typical Italian eatery located just a few steps from Piazza Maggiore. Its menu offers a variety of snacks: from a usual sandwich with San Daniele ham and “mortadella Pasquini” to refined soups, pasta dishes, and salads.

Italian Sausage

The interesting feature is that you can choose the ingredients and the filling of the salad to your own taste. Portions are extremely large, so it’s enough to order a single salad and prosciutto for two persons.

Address: Via Altabella, 3
GPS Position: 44.495543, 11.343149
Working hours: daily 10am-11pm
Price range: 12-30€

5. La Fastuchera Ristorante Bar
La Fastuchera is an excellent destination to have a dinner with your beloved one or your friends in a cozy atmosphere. Right at the entrance you can choose an aperitif of fine wines and cocktails with snacks and head to the main hall with beautifully decorated interior.

The conditions are so comfortable and warm in the restaurant that you feel yourself like home. The menu of La Fastuchera offers a large selection of main and second Sicilian dishes and, of course, an excellent wine list.

Address: Via Saragozza, 60
GPS Position: 44.495543, 11.343149
Working hours: Tuesday-Thursday 6.30pm-1.30am, Friday-Saturday 6.30pm-3.00am, Sunday 6.30pm-12.30am, Monday-closed
Price range: 25-65€

6. Osteria dello Scorpione
This is really a worthy Bologna’s osteria that has one unique particularity: the owner of the osteria personally makes cocktails according to your taste and offers various entertainment options: from playing cards to piano that anyone can try.


Osteria dello Scorpione is a very popular spot among the students of Bologna, who usually come there in the evening and have a good time until morning.
You can also enjoy there delicious sandwiches, a wide variety of Italian wines and a lovely jazz music.

Address: Via Santa Caterina, 75
GPS Position: 44.490497, 11.332330
Working hours: Thursday-Sunday 6.30pm-3.00am, Monday-closed
Price range: 5-35€

Well, these are our TOP 6 Bologna’s restaurants, and we recommend you to visit at least one of them during your next weekend.

For your convenience, we’ve also pointed their addresses and GPS positions, so you can simply reach them using a rental car service.