6 Must-Have Features for an Ecommerce Database

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Data is significantly important while developing or re-designing an ecommerce website. So before you get busy finalising about the impressive features that your website would be offering, it is imperative that you realize the amount of data you will require to build the site. Certain features, such as, searching or sorting will not work on your website unless there is a designer field in the data base. To put it simply, a database is similar to an excel file where there are rows and columns. There are specific kinds of information in the columns, like, product name, colour, price and many more. The rows consist of the information regarding these particular fields.

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6 Must-Have Features for an Ecommerce Database, Seekyt

The better sorted your database, the better results it will yield for the online customers. For instance, most of the ecommerce websites selling televisions are sorted by brand, manufacturer, type and price tag. But there are certain websites that offer information based on the screen size. This means there is another field mentioning the screen size in the database. This results in better user experience for your online customers. Thus, it is essential that your Database Administrator (DBA) is an expert in his or her field. Well, your chances of finding one are not really bad. Remote DBA experts usually have the desired knowledge about the various kinds of available databases and the ways to deal with them. It is essential to know what kind of database an ecommerce website is supporting so that data can be stored and sorted appropriately. In order to achieve this, there are certain features that the database administrators must know.

Let’s take a look how these features affect an ecommerce website:

An Ecommerce Website Should Be Highly Available

If you are into the ecommerce business, your website must have a database that is available 24X7. If your website is down, you simply lose money. The availability is also dependent on whether your website is a global one. It might be 3 am and you can still gain two or three orders depending on what kind of products you are selling. Accessibility is really important if you are catering to a vaster geography. Thus, businesses that are smart enough include this factor from the beginning stages of designing. They would make it a point to specify the same to their dba experts and designers. The need for availability is almost 100% for such websites. This is one feature where you cannot fail. If you are using DB2, HADR is the usual solution. Taking online back-ups and archive logging should also be part of the solution.

Performance of Inserts is Crucial

It is also important to take note of the insert performance that involves the registration or checkout tables. This is a significant process for ecommerce websites. These should be helping a frequently executed query. The less frequent ones are not worthy of being indexed as each additional index will add an overhead on the insert.

Single Row Queries

The main problem for several ecommerce databases is that the queries return only one row that are often identified by the main keyword or column that has a high cardinality index. This is true for the tables involved in the checkout process. With a product catalogue stored in the database, there will be more number of returning queries. This means that whilst analysing the SQL, the role of the table has to be determined.

Concurrency is Indispensable

While coding the application, it is imperative to keep concurrency and data integrity in mind. Concurrency is an indispensable part when you make the smallest design changes or add indexes. These smallest tweaks can have a huge impact on how your website will behave post these changes. In addition, you will also want to accommodate as many customers as possible to buy the same product at one go. In a similar fashion, handling the sale promotions is also critical. At the same time several people can try to avail the sales coupon sent to them through mass mails. This way numerous customers will block a single row involved with the promotion. This could lead to complete website overload. To deal with it, current runstats are absolutely vital. Make sure that your website does not go down in such situations. Otherwise, it will damage the brand image of your site.

Dealing With High Volume Periods

There are certain occasions when the ecommerce websites have to deal with high volume trading. For instance, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day or Black Friday are certain occasions when websites deal with huge amounts of purchasing. What if your database suddenly goes down during such periods? Nothing can hurt the business and reputation more than this. Thus, ensure that during such phases your database is prepared to deal with the load. The preparation process involves performance review during the regular periods and marking errors. If you find any issues, solve them as soon as possible to ensure smooth functioning.

Security and Safety

Before choosing a particular database, ensure that it offers a safe environment. It should be able to protect the vital financial, personal and project related information. The application should also be easy to install and flexible to adapt changes for further modifications.

While speaking about ecommerce optimization, taking care of the search engine rankings is not enough. Unless you have a detailed, systematic and secured database for ecommerce websites, you cannot spell success for your online businesses. In fact, proper data input is also necessary to ensure search engine optimization. For instance, if someone searches for formal shoes, your website should appear in the search result. For this your site must have the word, ‘black’ in the database for the shoe section. But more importantly it should produce the page that features formal shoes. Thus, a proper database also helps in reaching out to the right target audience.

As they say, all roads lead to Rome; similarly, without proper database management, you will not be able to optimize your website completely. So, ensure that regular checks are performed on your site to remove any errors that can occur in the process. It is always helpful to catch the problems before they surface and damage the user experience. Your online store should operate impeccably to generate sales.

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6 Must-Have Features for an Ecommerce Database, Seekyt
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