6 Myths about Weight Loss and Exercise

Before you try another weight loss program, consider that there are many unconventional approaches that can help you melt fat off of your body. However, there are also practical things that you must remember to lose fat.

Myth 1 : Drink Plenty of Water.

Reality = Drinking plenty of water is not good!

Drinking too much water at the same time is bad. If you are drinking 3 glasses in one go, you are actually abusing your kidneys by overloading the. The water taken in excess is excreted in the urine and does not burn fat. You should keep body hydrating but that doesn’t necessarily means to drink 10 glasses of water.

Myth 2 : The More You Sweat, the more Fat you Burn.

Reality = More sweating doesn’t means more fat burning!

Your sweat is water ejecting from your body to help regulate internal and external temperature. The fluid your body lose from sweating is recovered as soon as you drink some liquid. If you are using any type of suits that increase sweeting, you are only removing fluids from your body in excessive amount and it will be recovered once you drink water or any other liquid. No weight loss or any fat burn whatsoever.

Myth 3 : Skipping Dinner Helps you Lose weight

Reality = Skipping dinner does not help in Weight Loss!

Skipping dinner is wrong because it may causes slow metabolism. Lack in food does not help you to lose weight. It will make you lose muscle mass only.

The best way of Weight Destroyer is to eat several times a day. What matters is not how many times you are eating, but what you are eating. By eating several times a day, your metabolism stays active all day and won’t store fat.

Myth 4 : You can Burn Fat of Specific Body Part.

Reality = The Fat cannot be burned by specific area!

You cannot burn fat in specific part of your body by doing specific exercises. What you are actually doing is working on the muscles connected to that body part thus strengthening those muscles however no fat in that area of?? The body will burn calories because of those exercises.

Myth 5 : Doing cardio with empty stomach Boost fat Burn.

Reality = Doing cardio on an empty stomach only consumes Body Energy.

If you start doing cardio after waking up then it won’t do any help you as during sleep the body get about 8 hours without food. Performing cardio after this much time interval will consume body energy and force it to lose muscle mass thus resulting in dizziness or fainting. It is recommended to eat protein or fruit before cardio.

Myth 6 : Abs Workout Helps in Burning Stomach Fat.

Reality = Abs Workout only helps in toning and hardening the abdominal muscles.

Working abdominal muscle will not remove the layer of fat covering your abs as it only hardens and strengthens the muscles. To lose fat you need to eat healthy.