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6 Strange and Successful Business Ideas

Looking for a successful business idea? There is no harm in playing it safe and starting a traditional business. By doing so, you can tap into a pre-existing market and tread a known path. However, fresh ideas surprise consumers and often create a market for itself. A fresh concept also takes less effort to establish as it attracts customers willing to try something new. Perhaps the greatest advantage of building your business around a brand-new idea is the absence of direct competition. Don’t be fooled, just having a new business concept is simply not enough. It has to be practical and should be market oriented. The concept should also make its transition from the drawing board to reality, which can only happen through dedicated execution. To help you get started and to fuel your creative brain cells, here’s our list of 6 strange business ideas that became successful.

Hangover Helpers

There is nothing like partying with friends all night long. But the real challenge arrives the next morning. This is when your friends are gone and you are left with a humungous mess to clean up. To top it all off, you have a massive headache and can barely wobble around the house. This is exactly where Hangover Helpers comes in. They come in and clean everything leaving you with a spotless house. To save you the trouble of cooking your own breakfast, Hangover Helpers brings burrito and a bottle of Gatorade. The idea was so well received that the college guys who created the business have been featured in Forbes magazine.

The Smashing Place

Have you ever been so mad or frustrated that all you wanted to do was break stuff? Sure you have, everyone has. The only trouble is most people end up breaking their expensive phones, furniture and dinner sets. When the anger subsides, they are usually left with a mess and a whole load of regret. A business in Tokyo has realized this problem and opened up its door to angry customers. The Smashing Place allows customers to buy cups and plates and then smash them. Customers can also shout, stomp their feet, and swear to vent out their stress.
The Wedding Wagon:

Wedding costs have reached astronomical heights in the past few years. A Farcry from the million dollar weddings, The Wedding Wagon helps couples get married in a hurry and on a budget. As the name suggests, it’s a van that’s fully equipped to perform a wedding ceremony and comes with a registered minister and a witness. The great thing about the van is it comes to any preferred location. It can be a sunset beach setting or in the middle of the dessert, customers get to enjoy wedding in the outdoors. This Vegas based business has quickly picked up speed and now is a pretty well-known service in the area.
Doody Calls:

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience. However, it comes with its own set of responsibilities. One of the more difficult things canine owners have to deal with is the regular chore of cleaning up poop when they are out walking their pet pals. Sensing a huge market, Susan D’ Aniello launched a service called Doody Calls back in 2000. Being a registered customer, you would never have to worry about picking up poop again as they will come in and dispose the waste after you and your dog leave the scene.

Sympathy Food

A former funeral director, David Strokes always knew the power of good homemade food when it comes to healing emotional wounds. This is exactly why he founded the Virginia-based company called Sympathy Food. Aptly named, the company delivers home-cooked comfort food to mourners all over the nation. It also provides a great solution for people who want to send food to their distressed relatives who are at far away locations and show their support in the process.


We have all seen dogs wearing glasses in music videos and movies. But have you ever tried making them wear human glasses? It’s almost impossible. This is because human glasses are uncomfortable for dogs and rarely fit them well. Roni Di Lullo understood there was an immense untapped market for these and thus came up with Doggles. These doggie sunglasses not only look great on the dogs but also protect their sensitive eyes from sunlight and dust. These glasses are so popular that Doggles sells around $3 million worth every year.

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