6 Things To Look Out For Before Buying a Tablet

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Since the iPad have hit the market in 2010, a new wave called ‘Tablets’ have swayed the markets. Tablet was one of the most important digital devices that came into existence as it might have been less than a laptop but more than a smartphone. With over flowing options in the markets to choose a tablet for self it is necessary for customers to weigh all the pros and cons before purchasing a tablet. Here are six essential points that differentiates a good tablet from the rest.

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6 Things To Look Out For Before Buying a Tablet, SeekytPhoto by PIX1861, CC0 1.0

  1. Operating System

The first and the basic requirement of any buyer would be the operating system on which the tablet is working on. The choice of operating system is one of the largest factors for deciding the tablet’s brand. The available operating systems in the market are iOS that comes integrated with the Apple devices mainly iPad in this case, Android – most of the manufactures work with this operating system, Windows – mainly for the Microsoft tablets and Blackberry- that comes integrated with the blackberry tablets. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages as OS decides much about the user interface. Hence it tops the charts for choosing the right tablet.

  1. Memory

Another important requirement before buying a tablet is the memory. Today tablets with internal memory up to 64 GB are available in the market. There are some tablets that come with the external expandable memory and some do not. Hence it entirely depends on the user to choose as per the usage, from the variety of tablets that are in the market. Since internal memory is limited therefore one should be very careful when making the choice.

  1. Screen Size and Resolution

Size has always played an integral part in making a decision for purchasing such devices. With the wide range, ranging from 5 inches to 12 inches tablets come in different sizes meeting the requirements of different audience. While the wider screens can be heavy on the pockets, the mid-range tablets are both budget-friendly and portable. They balance the requirements of most of the customers.

As for resolution, if you are watching high definition videos or movies on the tablet, the minimum resolution should be 720 pixels on the shorter edge of the tablet.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life determines the longevity of the tablet. If you have to charge the tablet every two hours, you might not want it. Battery life basically depends on three main features, screen brightness, size of the battery and working time of the tablet. Sometimes you might put your tablet on the sleep mode rather than turning it off, but even sleep mode will consume the battery. Also battery life is necessary to ensure longer working hours on the tablet when on the go.

  1. Camera

Most of the tablets now come with two cameras, the primary camera and the rare camera. Number of cameras is necessary if you want to use your device for video conferencing purpose. Most of the cameras come with the same specifications as the smartphones, hence keeping the tablet tidy and simple. Since the device is portable hence both the cameras are equally useful. Camera quality and resolution do need a consideration before purchasing the tablet.

  1. Inputs Outputs

Input and output are necessary as they determine the connectivity with other devices, except the wireless ones. Most of the tablets come with USB ports as they could be connected with the computer or any other device that requires USB connectivity. Also they come with 3.5 mm jacks to plug in the headphones or speakers. Apart from this, some tablets come with special ports that could be connected with the keyboard. Unfortunately, iPad doesn’t offer USB ports to help the device get connected to other devices.

One most always go through the check list and also should consider the product review apart from the above mentioned specifications. With so many options in the market, you can always find a tablet that will fulfil all your requirements.

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6 Things To Look Out For Before Buying a Tablet, Seekyt
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