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6 Tips for Complementing Your Style and Sense of Fashion with Tungsten Rings


Tungsten is well known and liked due to its hardness, durability and striking silvery dark color. Due to its durability, tungsten rings don’t lose their beautiful look for years. As well, tungsten rings are contemporary and elegant looking and will therefore never look out of place when paired with your wardrobe. You can make your ring look even more in place with the following tips:

 6 Tips for Complementing Your Style and Sense of Fashion with Tungsten Rings

1. Know the style of your ring
Knowing the style of your ring will help you decide on your clothing and other accessories. As tungsten carbide is quite a modern phenomenon, almost all tungsten designs are avant-garde, and therefore call for high-fashion looks. Study reveals tungsten rings are the ring of choice for most people who live in luxury and keep up with fashion trends.

Some tungsten rings are in simple style, so if you are not a flashy type of person, you can choose a simple band with a subtle design.

2. Visual weight of the ring
The visual weight of your ring matters when it comes to adding on other accessories. If the ring looks heavy, add on other pieces that don’t look as heavy. Better yet, you should probably avoid accessorizing your fingers as the ring has enough presence. Try a watch or a bracelet instead.

3. Pair with other jewelry the right way
You can pair tungsten with most jewelry pieces. This versatility of tungsten makes it easy for you to make your fashion statement.

 6 Tips for Complementing Your Style and Sense of Fashion with Tungsten Rings

You can accessorize with silver pieces or even gold if you want an interesting mix of metals. If the accessories on your arms are more pronounced, go minimal with neck accessories to get a more polished look. You can learn more by reading style statement by on tungsten rings.

4. Get the right manicure for your ring
Your manicure should match the style of your tungsten ring. If you are wearing dark colored nail polish, wear a ring of a darker hue such as burgundy or cobalt. A hue such as forest green will also suffice.

Metallic nail polish will enhance the modern metallic look of silver color or gunmetal-polish rings.Bright nail polish can also mix well with shades of tungsten such as magenta and teal.

5. Know where to wear your ring

The good thing about tungsten rings is that you can wear it anywhere. This is because tungsten is tough and is therefore not susceptible to damage. If you are going out on a rough trip but you still want to accessorize, tungsten is the right choice for you.

Tungsten is also a suitable accessory for formal occasions. You can get a ring enhanced with jewels to complete formal daytime or evening looks.

6. Get the right outfit for your ring

To make your ring stand out, the sleeves of your clothes should be shorter than three-quarters of your arms. This directs all the attention to the shine on your fingers. You should also leave your hands bare if you want maximum attention to divert to your gorgeous tungsten ring.

Though tungsten goes well with most colors, it looks more elegant with cool hues and darker colors. Indeed, you can use your tungsten rings to accessorize your wardrobe for any occasion.

 6 Tips for Complementing Your Style and Sense of Fashion with Tungsten Rings
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