6 Tips for Keeping Cool During a Heat Wave


A heat wave is when the temperature is extremely hot and the humidity will cause the heat to become dangerous.  While the thermostat may read as 97 to 102 the heat index will soar and the temperature will feel like 100 to 110 degrees.

Heat waves occur during the summer months and they are last for many days if not months.  Some areas effective by the heat wave will feel cooler temperatures during the evening hours; however some areas do not get a break from the intense heat.  If you reside in an area where there is an excessive heat watch or warning then you must take steps to keep your body cool.


Stay Cool This Summer

  1. Set your air conditioner at 76 degrees. This temperature will provide you with cool air so that you will be comfortable without using excessive energy.
  2. If you home does not have air conditioning and you are unable to leave your home then cover your windows with thermal backed drapes and stay in one room. Buy an evaporating air cooler. This cooler will provide a small room with cool air from water. The oscillating internal fan will distribute the cool air into the room. Refill with water as needed.
  3. Another method for keeping your home cool is getting a block of ice and setting it in a plastic tub. Set an oscillating fan directly in front of the block of ice. Turn the fan on high and the fan will pull the coldness from the ice and thus will provide a small room with cool air.
  4. Stay cool by getting up early in the day when the temperature is not extreme. Dress in white or light beige loose fitting clothing. Light colors will reflect the sun rays. Plan to leave your home before the heat of the day and spend the day at a air conditioned mall, library or go to a movie.
  5. Keep cool by going to a water park or a community pool. Stay in the water throughout the day as this is an excellent way to keep your body cool during a heat wave. If you have no access to water; pool, park or lake then take cool showers or sit in a cool bath. Keep your body cool and you will prevent heat stroke.
  6. Buy a body cooling neck wrap. This neck wrap is perfect for outdoor activities and is a method to keep you cooler indoors too. Follow the instructions and soak the wrap in water for 3 to 5 minutes. (Do not exceed a 5 minute soaking.) Wrap around your neck or your forehead and it will keep you cooler for three hours. When you are finished using the cooling neck wrap allow it to dry out completely before reusing. Store the neck wrap in a well ventilated area, better to leave on the counter than to put in a drawer.

restaurant-825044_640Keep your Body Hydrated

  1. Drink water to hydrate your body.  Even if you are not thirsty it is important to continue to replenish your body with water.  Water will prevent your body from overheating.
  2. Eat cold foods such as ice cream, sorbet and other frozen treats.  Chill watermelon before serving.  Eat watermelon and it will keep you cool and hydrated.
  3. By taking steps to keep your body cool and hydrated during a heat wave will prolong your life.

Tips and Warnings:

Do not turn on oven or stove as this appliance will heat up your home

Refrain from drinking or eating caffeinated foods as they will dehydrate you and avoid alcoholic beverages.

If outdoors look for shade; tree, umbrella, awning or porch.

Avoid strenuous activities; outdoor work or exercising.  Best to walk your dog or exercise in the early morning between the hours of 4:30 and 7:00.