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6 Tips for Planning your Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings are considered to be the most romantic type of wedding. And the prospect of being whisked away to a land far, far away with your soul mate is what anyone dreams of. Of course that dream isn’t far-fetched because any bride and groom deserve a wedding that is intimate and unforgettable. All you need to know are the dos and don’ts in making that dream wedding into a reality.

If it’s your dream to have the perfect destination wedding, here are six tips to help you with that.

Planning in Advance

With any destination wedding, this will obviously take up plenty of time to plan because you have to consider the venue, hotel reservations, travel bookings for all of the attendees plus you and your spouse-to-be of course. It is a must to book in advance, so it’s practical to plan early in order to avoid having limited choices. And when you set the date, send those invites as soon as possible so that your friends and family can plan ahead as well as schedule their leaves.

The Location

Getting advice from local professionals in terms of planning is also a great idea. Resorts and hotels usually have their own wedding planners. Aside from that, it’s also advisable to have a travel agent planning with you. That way you can negotiate a group discount for hotel rooms because you also have to consider if there are enough hotel rooms or even enough hotel mattress for your wedding attendees. You will want to know how you can negotiate the number of rooms you will be reserving and for how long the accommodation is.


When you’ve managed to set the location, now you’ll have to consider the flights. Make sure to check if there are package deals of reasonably priced flights. It’s better to take care of the arrangements for group rates for flights ahead of time. It will surely lessen your headache.

Local Events

Of course having a destination wedding also means having to stay not just for the big day but for a number of days as well. It would be easier to do some research and look up any upcoming local events so you can enjoy the place for the few days (before and after the wedding). It’s one way of bonding with friends and family.

Local Marriage Requirements

This is an important factor to take note of. You will need to do some research on the legalities and marriage requirements of the area you want your marriage to take place. Some countries require a certain length of time before the wedding ceremony. You need to check up on the Residency Requirement and the laws of the country, just in case.

The Weather

Plan for all kinds of weather because you don’t want to have to spend all that time, money and effort into your wedding only for Mother Nature to rain on your parade. It’s better to pick a venue that can provide necessary alternative measures if the weather proves to be too unpredictable. So plan for a sunny day, but also consider back-up preparations for chances of a rainy day.

Anyone deserves to have their dream wedding come true. It’s that one event in a person’s life that accounts as a new chapter to their future and it takes careful consideration and care to make sure that it will be memorable.

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