6 tips to keep your car paint

6 tips to keep your car paint


keep your car paint


One of the expenses that unless you would enjoy having to do is to paint your car because the paint is gone or other problems. That’s why there are many tips you can give to avoid doing so, will you know?

What you do to keep your car paint

Whenever possible, park your car in a garage or in an area which is in the shade because the sun can “eat” the paint of your car and, over time, you will notice that is paler areas bear the bask . therefore, you will defend from severe weather (rain, snow), and vandalism.


Wash the car often. We do not say every week, but at least once a month or every six weeks to keep the paint of your car well and also it look clean and be visible to other cars (especially if you are driving at night or in areas dimly lit, the dirtier your vehicle is, the more difficult it is to see).


Avoid car washes. Yes, they are very quick to use and comfortable because, in a few minutes, you have the car clean, but the truth is they are not very sensitive to the car paint and is best washed by hand with rollers that drag the bristles (and can cause scratches), or chemicals they use.

6 tips to keep your car paint

Speaking of products to wash the car, try to use those who really serve to wash a car, you can not recycle at home because then you’ll be doing the same, or greater damage in a car wash.


Decontaminate and wax. Every six months should be used a couple of treatments with car paint: decontaminate and wax.


Decontamination refers to remove substances commonly adhere to the surface and it is not able to remove. The wax is used to create a film about car paint so that it becomes a kind of shield on it that takes the time to disappear.


Every two or three years should car paint polish. This will make you last longer painting and at the same time, eliminate the damage that may have.

By: EsamPim