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6 Types of Nutrients Your Dog Needs

It is critically important to feed your dog a balanced diet. Dogs, like humans, thrive on a healthy diet packed with nutrients. If you miss out any key nutrients, your dog is at greater risk of health problems. If your dog is otherwise healthy, active and doesn’t have any existing health conditions, these are the key nutrients he or she will need to get from their food in order to be in tip-top condition:

  1. Water

Water is essential to all animal life and, like humans, dogs’ bodies are made up of mainly water. You therefore must give a dog plenty of clean, fresh drinking water every day in order to keep their bodies working well. Dog food does provide some water (dry food obviously provides less) but a bowl of water is essential.

  1. Protein

Protein is crucial to healthy development. Proteins help to build cells, organs and tissues and play a crucial role in growth and cell maintenance, reproduction, and cell repair. Your dog gets protein from a number of different sources including meat – lamb, turkey, chicken, beef, etc.; eggs, and fish. You can also feed your dog mineral proteins in the form of soy or cereals but these are not complete proteins. You should also avoid raw eggs, according to experts.

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  1. Fat

In order to get energy for daily life and running around outside, dogs must have a good supply of healthy fats. Fats also help your dog produce hormones and rebuild cells. Fats protect the internal organs and give your dog insulation which is particularly important in the winter, according to essentialfoods.se. Most good quality dog foods will provide high quality fats which will enhance your dog’s diet.

  1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are for energy, too, and they also play an important role in reproduction. You can help to prevent and manage diarrhea by feeding your dog fibre in a moderately fermentable format. These help protect your dog’s gut without causing excess wind problems.

  1. Vitamins

You don’t need to give a dog a vitamin supplement if they are receiving a balanced diet. Dogs only need small amounts of vitamins in order to function well. These vitamins should be included in a complete dog food package, whether it is dry of wet food. You could cause problems by giving dogs too much in the form of vitamins like D and A.

  1. Minerals

Minerals are important for healthy bones and teeth, and for the job of keeping fluids balanced in the body. Minerals must be taken from food as the body cannot make them. Dog food should contain a good balance of healthy minerals.

So long as you are feeding your dog a vet-recommended blend of food, or a high quality dog food, you can be confident that your dog is getting a balanced diet. For dogs that eat human food, more care and attention needs to be paid in order to avoid deficiencies and possible problems with toxic foods.

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