6 Ways To KickStart Your eCommerce Site

The world of commerce might feel or seem daunting to many. But let me tell you its easier than ever to get up and running with a store front. You wan to get the competitive edge on the online market.

Giving your customers the ability to shop and browse online is a thumbs up. Today I am going to mention a few things to get you started.

Taking your business online means that you have to start with.

A business plan

Think of the value you have and how it can translate into the online world. Ask yourself what can your customers get out of it? Can you reach new customers to grow your business. Let’s face it this article is mean’t to grow business and make you away of a product or just the way you should look at marketing.

Remember this not all small businesses with have a case for eCommerce websites. Ask yourself the question would a eCommerce website help you out?

Now we could always look for this but should you?

Standard solutions

Now I would say look for the cheapest cost when you are looking to host and build your eCommerce website but not all websites are built equally. Yes, you want an easy website but it might be worth it to you to work with someone instead of going it alone.

Social media matters and you can get software to do it for you but who is going to start social media conversations for you? You need that!

This one is a biggie and all sites need it down the road.


Most customers that buy use their mobile device to read reviews and comments. or even buy. Trust me it happens when you check your e-mail .. that’s a hint for you. Getting a mobile app might be a thought if your business takes off.

This one is important too!


You have orders and a lot of them you might need to find an efficient way to get the products into your customers hands and #PL might be a solution or warehouse fulfillment could be a better one.

Bottom line do your homework with this one their are many options for you. Choose wisely.

You need to get paid so make it secure.

payment gateway

You will need a trusted payment gate way for your customers. And you want many different payment options for your customers.