6 Ways To Make Money On The Internet

A lot of people are experiencing financial problems these days. As everyone knows, the economy is not so great. It’s best to have extra money on hand or a savings account for unexpected needs too. Looking for ways of making extra money or multiple streams of income can help. The internet has a lot of opportunities. Here are some ideas of what you can do to make extra money. 

Get Paid For Your Creativity-

At websites like SpreadShirt.com,Artfire.com, Zazzle.com, Etsy.com or  CafePress.com you can set up your own internet store and add your own unique creations for people all over the world to purchase and they might help spread the word about your talent.  Handmade items are always popular as are original designs and you can have fun with it – you do not have to be Rembrandt. You can sell everything from handmade cards,t-shirts and jewelry to paintings,dolls or assemblage. And any other creative thing.

Create Your Own Website

 Weebly, Wix,Blogger.com and Google Sites are just a few examples of where you can go to create a site or, if you prefer,start a blog and write some content and get paid for it. You do not have to be a professional or brilliant writer. “SEO” is not hard to learn but you’ll need to learn a little about it for your site or blog. You’ll need to look it up but anyone can brush up on SEO and do it themselves. It’s not as scary as it might sound. SEO just means doing the most for your site or blog so that you get enough visitors there to make a difference. And sign up for Google Adsense,it’s free and when people click on your ads you make money. Which is OK, they click on things that are of interest to them or that can help them. You can also sign up to be a an affiliate with Clickbank, Amazon.com or other companies, even Walmart. Go there and read up on their affiliate programs, sell their products on your website or your blog.

 Tutor People With What You Know

A lot of students of all ages need help and onlinetutoringworld.com, ehomeworkhelp.com and Tutor.com are great places to find work and check out OKTutor.net too.  There is a real demand for tutors and you can make pretty good money at it.

Write For Money

Many online sites, like the one you are on right now can earn you extra money. Sometimes a lot of money.You can do the same thing at other places for people who like to write such as Hubpages,Infobarrel, Wizzley ,Zujava or  Topicspotter.com  They also provide information on how to use their sites and how to get started. You don’t have to be a professional writer. Visit the sites, see what is happening there and see if it interests you.

Go to Break.com

I love artistic ways of making extra income. If you are a creative person and love photography or if you make videos, go to Break.com.  They have have contests and they pay for film and photography artistry. Check them out. It’s an interesting site full of crazy stuff.

Try Webanswers.com

Get paid for answering questions. And you can see the results of payments for those answers in your Google Adsense account on the same day !  This is another site I personally use for adding up extra money. They have a wide variety of questions you can answer, so just choose what interests you and it can actually be enjoyable. At times you will find opportunities to really help people,  other questions there are for fun or not so serious.

Below is a video about Webanswers.com;