$65.00 for one cup of coffee…are you crazy?

Is $65.00 to much for one cup of coffee? Well if you’re a farmer in the southern part of Sumatra Island who specializes in the harvesting of a coffee called Kopi Luwak , your answer would be a big NO!

First of all, Kopi means coffee and Luwak is the name of an animal that kind of looks like a raccoon and a ferret had an ugly offspring. The Luwak is an animal that lives in the Sumatra Islands. O.K., I know what you’re thinking…What does a ugly animal have to do with a $65.00 cup of coffee? Well, the answer is simple. The Luwak’s diet consists of only one thing, coffee cherries. It eats the cherries and then the coffee bean passes through its digestive track where an amazing transformation takes place involving the animal’s natural digestive enzymes. Gross Right? Well not to the farmer who is walking around picking up the lumpy gold that is dropping out of the back side of the Luwak!

Because the farmers are on the Luwak’s digestive time table, there are only a few hundred pounds harvested every year. That makes Kopi Luwak coffee extremely expensive at a whopping $750.00 a pound. Shall we do the math…300 pounds a year at $750.00 a pound = $225,000.00 a year. Honestly, I would have no trouble following around a little critter with a zip-lock baggy for that kind of scratch!

After the gathering of poop or “Harvest” if you will, these stinky coffee beans are shipped to retailers all over the world in “raw” form. That’s right folks, people buy this coffee while it’s still imbedded in poo. Unfortunately, this is the only way buyers can be certain that they are getting authentic Kopi Luwak coffee. Upon receipt, and authentication of poo, the beans go through a rigorous process of cleansing and roasting. According to coffee poop experts, there is no danger of E.coli contamination because of the high levels of heat used in the roasting process. However, if your name isn’t Opra Winfrey (who reportedly buys large amounts of the stuff), your bank account is the only thing in danger.

If you are ever interested in trying it for yourself (and I strongly recommend that you do) you can find Kopi Luwak Coffee Here.