7 Amazing Luxury Resorts in Jaipur with Pictures

In my last post I wrote about my Awesome Christmas to Jaipur in 2013. Now I am an official writer for an blog who wrotes on Jaipur and last week I again went to Jaipur in search of luxury. See Jaipur is a city famous for its kings and there astonishing palaces. Most of these palaces are now turned into hotels and resorts and some of them are simply amazing. So today I want to share the top 7 best luxury resorts in Jaipur and will even share some Pictures.

At number 1: Aram Bagh

Aram Bagh is a 300 year old resort which was once the home of Jaipur king and now its a luxury resort operated by the famous Taj group of India. The resort was home of the Jaipur ruler Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II who himself was an adventures guy, Have a look at some amazing pics of the resort.

Ram Bagh Hotel at Jaipur

Ram Bagh Room

At number 2: Raj Palace

Raj palace is by large the most important and oldest palaces in Jaipur situated at the banks of lake Man Sagar. This palace was once the home of Amer ruler and now its one of the very best resort, not only in Jaipur but in whole Rajasthan. I have a nice lunch here and its expensive but the beauty of the resort has no price. Have a look.

Raj Palace at Jaipur

Raj Palace reception

At number 3: Lohagarh Fort Resort

Lohagarh is a 2 year old resort which just came to picture when they had some Bollywood movies filmed here. The resort is the main reason that I came to Jaipur as we thought that if there is one amazing property than there must be few more and we found 4 more. Lohagarh is a theme based resort and just won the award of the best theme based resort in Rajasthan. Have a look at some amazing images of the place.

Lohagarh fort resort

Lohagarh Looby

At number 4: Castle Kalwar

Castle Kalwar is not exactly in the Jaipur city but its just (17 Kms) outside. We had the opportunity to stay here and the owner is an amazing person who himself belongs to the Jaipur royal family. This castle has natural wall paintings which are 250 year old and so its the resort. Have a look at it.

Castle Kalwar

At number 5: Samode Palace

Samode palace is a museum and a resort. As per its history this resort was once the residence of Jaipur ministers but I wonder that why would a prime minister build his residence 40 kms out side the city? So I believe that this palace was a weekend getaways for Jaipur court members and even today its a weekend getaway for the locals. Have a look at this amazing resort.

Samode palace

Samode Palace Pool

So thats my list of top 5 amazing luxury resorts in Jaipur. I am planning to visit Jaisalmer next week so will definitely share a list of that. Till than keep travelling.