7 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Finding the perfect stocking stuffers for babies can be a bit of a challenge. Many baby toys are too big to really fit in a stocking, so what can you use? This article will cover 7 fun ideas for stuffing your little one’s stocking.

  1. Teething Rings: As long as your baby is Teething Rings Make Great Stocking Stuffers for Babiesstill getting teeth, then teething rings are a handy gift. There are plenty of fun ones out there, with bright colors and textures that make them fun to chew on, even when teeth aren’t coming in.
  2. Mini Board Books: You can’t go wrong with books and even very small babies will enjoy looking at the images. Since most board books are too big to fit in stockings, you’ll want to go with mini versions. Often, you can find tinier versions of classics. These are not only great for stockings, they are also handy for tucking into the diaper bag for on-the-road entertainment.
  3. Bath Squirt Toys: Your little one will appreciate these even more when he’s big enough to squeeze them, but for now, you can do this for him. The cute little toys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are fun to chew on, too!
  4. Balls: What baby doesn’t like a ball? These are great for encouraging interactive play (rolling the ball back and forth between two people) and for promoting crawling and walking. Your baby can hold and bite a ball, throw it, roll it and chase it. You might want to opt for a textured ball toy or even activity balls, which have fun things inside.
  5. Rattles: There are rattles for all ages, making these the perfect gifts to use as stocking stuffers for babies. Newborns and fairly small infants will enjoy rattles that are on mittens or socks to help them find their hands and feet. Older babies will prefer to grab their rattles and bang them or shake them alone. Either way, you have a hit on your hands . . . kids love to make noise!
  6. Stuffed Toys: A good stuffed toy will stay with your child until she has grown. Little ones that fit in a stocking are also great for travel and can be taken just about anywhere. You can get pretty much anything in plush form, so pick your animal, character or other item and find it in a stuffy. Toys that come with little tags sticking out are also a big hit with the younger set. Babies enjoy grasping the loops of ribbon or fabric and tugging on them.
  7. Baby Cell Phones: Babies like to imitate adults, so it makes sense that they would love to have their own cell phone. There are several models on the market. They play music and sounds and can be quite educational. Some even have lights and images to entertain your baby even more.

Whatever you choose to put in your baby’s stocking, keep in mind that not everything has to be a toy. You can also tuck in socks, pacifiers and other items that your baby needs.