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7 iPhone Apps for Easy Photo Editing

Smartphones allow us to do so much more on the go. With the latest models of the iPhone featuring high quality cameras, there is no need to worry about carrying around a bulky DSLR. Now, iPhone owners are capable of capturing crisp and bright photos in the palm of their hands. The advancement of mobile technology now allows us to capture high-resolution images that can be shared on social media, sent to be printed, or even stored on the cloud and displayed on digital picture frames.

With that said, it can be a bit of a challenge to take a photo exactly how you originally picture. For some, editing their pictures to reflect a certain style before posting and sharing is very important to them. That’s where handy dandy editing apps come in. Here are 7 of the best editing apps (some free and some at a small cost) that can be downloaded on your iPhone for quick and easy editing on the go.

VSCO Cam: Free

VSCO is a favorite among many and has developed its own community of loyal users and photographers. If having a ton of options overwhelms you, this is a great app for you. VSCO is minimalistic and clean, offering only 7 color filters and 3 black and white filters. However, you have the option to change features like exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, etc. This allows for a variety of effects that can be achieved. If you are photography junkie, you will also appreciate the fact that this app saves all your pictures at high-resolution.

Camera +: $2.99

This is a great app for basic editing and if your photo doesn’t need much enhancing. It has lots of filter options, but the highlight of this app is the different choices of ‘scenes.’ You can select the type of picture it is (such as portrait, food, night, shade, sunset) and it will automatically provide an enhancement according to the scene. Only one scene selection can be made at a time, but additional edits can be made in The Lab to basic functions such as brightness, contrast and saturation.

Phonto: Free

Phonto is a great app for adding text overlays on pictures. If you are a fan of adding fun messages to photos, this app is a great option for you. It has a great lineup of simple and easy to use fonts that can be applied in different sizes and colors.  Typography can add a nice touch to holiday and special occasion photos.

Afterlight- $0.99

The artsy and creative types will appreciate what Afterlight has to offer. This app not only features the basic editing options such as clarity, brightness, highlights and shadows; it also has lots of lovely filters, light leak textures and frames. The Fusion feature also allows you to layer different filters on top of each other to create your own filter. This feature requires a bit of finesse but is a great app to use if you have a bit more time on your hands to play with your photos.

PicTapGo: $1.99

Do you find yourself often going back and forth between different filters, unsure of which looks best on a picture? Then you may want to try PicTapGo. This app shows your picture with all the different options side by side. When you select a filter, you can adjust the intensity of the filter and also layer a few filters on top of each other. If you like a certain mixture of filters and adjustments, you can name and save them as a ‘recipe’ to use on other pictures in the future. This app also offers filters for any type of style. Whether you prefer bright and colorful photos or filmy and minimalistic photos, you can definitely achieve whatever effect you are going for. The cropping within the app is a bit limited as it constrains the photo within specific dimensions, but cropping can always be don’t straight from the camera roll before editing if necessary.

FaceTune: $0.99

Facetune differs from the other apps mentioned so far, as its main purpose is not just to enhance lighting and add filters to photos. This app can actually edit and alter the physical features of the subjects. It is basically a makeover in an app. One can smooth out skin tones, eliminate wrinkles and dark eye circles, hide blemishes and whiten teeth. Sometimes a photo is taken from an unfavorable angle. The reshape tool is also capable of adjusting everything from jawlines to double chins. The tools in these apps should be used sparingly and should not be overdone. However, the results achieved from Facetune are impressive, if used correctly.

Instagram: Free

Last but not least, there is always Instagram. While Instagram is actually considered to be a social media platform, the app has many built-in photo editing options. You can make small adjustments to an already edited photo to get it just right or you can fully edit the photo through the app. I used to think the Instagram filters were a bit too “filter-ish,” but new updates to the app allow you to adjust the intensity of the app. You can now also make basic adjustments to things like brightness and saturation, add color overlays and even create photo collages within the app. Photos now don’t have to be cropped to fit within a square, you can now crop and upload horizontal and vertical photos as well.

With these apps you can quickly edit and enhance your photos straight from the camera roll, without having to upload them to your computer to share with others.  Play around with the different apps, find what works best for you and create pictures with a look that is all your own.

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