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7 On-tips Celebrities – Own Villas in Italy

Italy is famous for its food, diversity and cultural heritage but apart from this, Italy stands above for its dicing beauty, lush green landscapes and spell binding architecture. Discussed in this article, is a list of on tips celebrities that own villas in Italy. I’m not trying to invade anyone’s privacy but I’m just trying to feed hundreds and thousands of fans across the globe. I would be glad if anyone adds to this list or mention villas for sale in Italy at mulinodisopra.com neighboring any of the international celebrities. This list doesn’t include any of the Italian celebrities because that’s common sense – they are expected to live in their hometown. The list here caters about international celebrities only that are famous and kept keenly watched. Let’s check the list below:

George Clooney
Needless of any introduction, George Clooney owns a house at Lake Como in Italy, perfectly located to offer picture perfect landscapes. His relatives and friends take constant stop over at Clooney’s luxurious villa in Italy. The entire crew along with the cast of Ocean’s Twelve once visited him while they were filming breaks.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are famous for their outstanding chemistry and picture perfect couple. It’s known that they enjoyed their wedding ceremony at Clooney’s villa in Italy, however now they both enjoy a lovely villa just around where Clooney’s stands. Yes, they do! You don’t have to palpitate to acknowledge this. At Lake Como, you can witness both Clooney and Brad Pitt- it wouldn’t be a miracle. Do you have anything to say on this?

Sting, a famous international musician, philanthropist, instrumentalist is having a home in Tuscany Italy. Like others, Sting is known to have a house near Lake Como. Isn’t this surprising that international celebrities are closely located in Italy without having any close relationships. Maybe Lake Como has something great to offer. Thus, the man loves Italy, has chosen to stay in Italy in all his free time.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren is truly an art lover; she bought a state of art castle in Italy near Tiggiano after she visited Puglia to promote a film, “The Queen”. She paid for over £680,000 for a 500-year-old historical architecture. She’s not expected to reside in there for any longer but she’s still fixing it up to make it as modern as possible. This cool castle looks awesome, offer historical glimpses and let you live the past for a few moments. Its undying beauty is matchless to any other castle in the world. Thus, Mirren is ready to spend deep pockets on its renovation and repairs with all her star money.

Frances Mayes
Frances Mayes’ home in Cortona, Bramasole itself is a celebrity like Frances Mayes after being renovated from a farmhouse to a castle like villa. The town became a famous tourist destination since the publication of a best seller, “Under the Tuscan Sun” while tourists come hoping to have a glimpse of Mayes.

Mick Hucknall
Simply Red – do you have anything to say on this? Mick is the lead singer of Simply Red and you may recognize him with his famous red locking hairstyle. He is reported to have a house in Taormina, Italy.

Jim Kerr
Like Lake Como is famous for housing film-stars, Taormina is popular for housing singers. Just like Mick, Jim Kerr – lead singer/vocalists of the band Simple Minds not only lives in Sicilian town but runs a hotel business naming Villa Angela there too. He call this place, the most romantic country in the world, full of warmth, life and enthusiasm. Kerr loves his bond with Italy.

The above-mentioned celebrities are amongst the top 12 celebrities having residences in Italy. Some of the other names are Woody Allen, Debi Mazar, Richard Branson, Donatella Versace and Michael Schumacher own beautiful villas in Italy. If you wish to add to any of the celebrity’s neighbors, have a look at villas for sale in Tuscany (Villa in vendita in Toscana a mulinodisopra) , you may hit a jackpot! Thus, Italy’s spellbinding beauty is enough to win anyone, but only deep pockets work. If you have anything more to add, go ahead!

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