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7 practical tips to Logo creation

As a graphic designer, I think the whole process of creating a logo is quite interesting, if not entertaining. I remember however, that there were times where I was stuck in ideas and could not follow through. That’s when I decided to write this post to try to put on paper what I follow as an art director and the epic that can transform the logotype projects.

I say there is a better process than wait for an inspiration to do something. If creativity does not come fluid and freely as it should, I will help with some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way:

1. Desencane
First of all, do not try to be filtered. Every idea you have, anyone else could have. Take notes, write on them, draw again, describe them. Take all of your head. Do not stop and do not even try to refine seemingly unrelated thoughts or ideas. Just let it all initially.

2. Put it on paper
The easiest thing to record their ideas is draw them. Pick up a blank sheet of paper and start drawing. Do all sorts of squiggles and shapes in this paper and pencil. Put it to the screen side. This way, you can always look at him as the digitally perform, drew or you can scan it and use it as a guide for your vector.

3. translated it literally
What does the logo mean? Does it refers directly to the power? Does he easily transmits a coffee ? Then design a literal sense first. If it is related to food, draw a plate and utensils for a coffee, sketch a silhouette of a hot coffee, for example. You’ll eventually think of other ideas after that.

4. Consider the symbolism
Which symbol you want to associate with his name? The icon can easily arise in your mind when you hear your name? What kind of pictures do you imagine when you think that brand or company? Start writing those ideas, choose the most significant and more understandable and continue to tinker with it, either on paper or directly on your computer. Play with it.

5. Colors associated
Think color when trying to solve : an image to a name or a logo to evoke a feeling . Security can be associated with the color blue, which also initially portrays calm, a blue sky with a man’s silhouette sitting in a yoga position. A female name may suggest a soft sensuality of pink, which also can translate into a rose or a side view of a woman and so on.

Try playing with the meanings of colors and associate it with the name, and for this you should know a little of the influence of the colors in communication (do not worry there are books for that!)

And after an initial choice of colors I use a book of compositions . It’s called Color Index and I use it to compose logos and magazine covers. The results are great and always worth the three hours that you’re sitting looking at the thousands of possibilities .

6. Search online
It would mean only research because the online nowadays is superfluous. If you do not know even where to start? Start browsing the web, and then the search on the name initially. Just type it and check the images that are related to it.

7. Check out other logos
Search a brand competitor or other relevant logos. Not that you’re planning to steal some of your ideas, but you at least know what seems to work and what does not. You start entering a complex area which are the branding strategies (even if you do not want or is not the time yet!), but do not worry about brand positioning yet. This is work for the near future. You can also just check other logos considering legal for that matter. It can inspire you to create something equally amazing, soon after.

Of course, having a knowledge suitable in design and software programs is necessary, but the graphic design starts with a solid foundation of an idea. Without it, you will only start drawing on your computer without thinking, without a focus on what is best for your customer ; which may be a waste of time and effort.

And remember: in most cases (unfortunately) the client does not know what is best for your business. So save the presentation, show just a logo as it being the best; and not more than that !! Do not take two or three .. light one .

You can leave two logos on the sleeve, if needed. But quantity is not quality and the customer will ask: three weeks to show me just a drawing?

He knows nothing about the creation process so explain and if for some if you go back to the drawing board, all right! It is normal but be warned, redo once only, MAXIMUM twice. After that, if the project is not approved, providing the work. That’s right, dispense!

Do not use more of your time or waste time your customer. Be honest and tell you just is not satisfying his needs, with regard to this work , and let the will to hire someone to do it.

This does not mean that your work is not good; simply says that is not meant for him. So the best for both that’s right!

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