7 Reasons Why People Utilize Social Media Activities during the Travel

If your travel a lot your going to want to be able to talk to the people you love without having to call them at a ridiculous time of day. Social media has made is possible for people to talk around the globe regardless of what time it is and without having to worry about waking people up or being away from home for too long. So what do people do with social media while they travel and why? Here are 7 reasons why people use social media and what they use it for while traveling.

7.Recommend places

If you travel a lot of visit a lot of places you could use social media to recommend somewhere to people you know. This could be a bar or restaurant or just a view from the top of a hill but it can show off what you are doing while giving people knowledge of where to go should they visit the same place firstbasefreight.co.uk

6.Upload new pictures or videos
The more places you visit, the more pictures or videos you are going to take. This could be anything from visiting a restaurant and taking a picture of the food you received or attending a local show and recording footage for your friends and family to see.

5.Profile Posts

Updating everyone on what your doing is important if you don’t want a million questions when you get home. It allows everyone to know what your doing while letting everyone know your safe at your destination. It also gives you bragging rights when visiting a location someone has wanted to visit for some time.

4.Playing Games

Long haul flights to new locations or train journeys can be lengthy and it can get incredibly boring sat around with nothing to do. If your on a business trip even then there is only so much work you can do before you start to get frustrated. So with the wealth of social media games available on there sites now you don’t have to watch the in-flight movie or pace up and down the cabin.

3.Message friends and family

Using your phone to call people while on holiday can be expensive and could lead to a bill that you really don’t want to pay for when you get home. Rather than spend a fortune on calls messaging on social media can keep everyone up to date on what your doing while saving you money.

2. Listen to music

There is nothing better than relaxing around a pool or a beach with music to ease your relaxation. Rather than bring separate music playing devices using your social media apps on your phone will allow you to enjoy all your musical choices.

1. Keep updated on your family and friends life

It’s very easy to get home sick very quickly while away. You begin to miss your friends and family and this can be worse if you are away from home for a very long time. So using social media will allow you to keep up to date on everyone’s lives without feeling like you are falling behind.