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7 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be At Catskills

It can be difficult to choose the right vacation destination, particularly if you are a family and everyone has different needs or desires. Arranging time off work at the same time as your partner can be a challenge and may leave you a limited amount of time to enjoy your vacation.

However, there are many fabulous destinations in the United States which can be easily reached and even form part of a multi-location family break; catering for all the different needs within your family.

One destination that is often over looked today is the Catskills. The Catskills is an area situated two hours north of New York; the area has a long history and provides the opportunity for a vacation which is educational, stimulating and refreshing. The area includes spa facilities, golf courses and huge mountain ranges: it also offers the opportunity to discover a golden age of vacationing. There are many old farms offering fantastic hospitality and exquisite food. It is also possible to hike into the Catskills mountains.

Booking a holiday to the Catskills is easy! Simple choose your desired accommodation type, for example, some of the best spa treatments can be located and booked via honorshaven.com; book and then decide how you wish to travel their before enjoying your vacation.

Catskills SkyImage by Jeff P

There are seven reasons why you should make the Catskills your next vacation destination:

  1. Location

The area is close enough to New York to allow you to fly from anywhere over the country, or even the world and then hire a car to take you the last part of your journey. This makes the area an option for a weekend break, a week-long vacation or even as part of a multi-centre vacation.

As well as being easy to reach it is far enough from the city to ensure you have the tranquility of the country, combined with fresh air and a host of activities; no matter how active you like to be.

  1. History

The Catskills resorts are steeped in history; it was once home to the famous Grossinger’s Resort Hotel; which is reputed to be the basis for the film ‘Dirty Dancing’. Grossinger’s was one of the biggest resorts in its heyday, it had humble beginnings; the owners, Asher and Malke Grossinger originally purchased a farmhouse and rented one room out to visitors. Within five years they had bought a small hotel and the expansion began. By the 1950’s it was the place to visit and many famous people passed through its gates. Unfortunately, the fierce competition between businesses and the reduction in the cost of air travel ultimately resulted in the decline and eventual abandonment of all the big resort hotels.

It is possible to see Grossinger’s and many of the other impressive hotel complexes. Some of the buildings have decayed whilst others are surprisingly intact. The experience is an eerie tribute to the American dream.

Fortunately there are many beautiful and high quality places to stay in the area which will allow you to explore the diverse history and amazing creations. There is also a rich history to be discovered as the area has a reputation for natural healing; for many years people have flocked to the Catskills resorts to restore their health.

  1. Variety

The Catskills resorts of today offer some of the best spa treatments in the world, there are also plenty of opportunities to fish, or to enjoying the boating lakes. More active people can enjoy hiking through or even up one of the many mountain ranges or, for those who prefer their activities nearing the resorts it is possible to enjoy a round of golf on the nine hole championship golf course situated at the Honor’s Haven resort and Spa; a course designed by Robert Trent Jones.

For those who prefer to simply unwind, it is possible to relax by the pool or meander in the grounds and enjoy the fresh air combined with a feeling of being away from everything. The options and variety on offer is truly unlimited!

  1. Cost

In its heyday the huge resorts of the Catskills were generally expensive and reserved for the rich. This was aided by the prohibitive cost of flying across the country to New York, before driving the last part of the journey. However, the cost of flying has now reduced dramatically and there are a huge variety of hotels, bed and breakfasts and even campsites to stay in across the area. This makes the Catskills an affordable destination no matter what your budget is.

As previously mentioned it can also be part of a multi-center holiday and can be enjoyed alongside a weekend in New York City or somewhere similar.

  1. Facilities

The hotels in this area offer the same facilities that you can get in many places across the world; spa treatments, golf courses, theaters and even venues for conferences. Alongside these is the abundance of more physical pastimes, such as water sports or mountain climbing.

However, the resorts in this area also offer a level of customer service which can be difficult to find in many places. There is a pride in the history and rich diversity of the area and this shows in the ay every visitor is treated; it will be an experience to remember!

  1. Outstanding Natural Beauty

Once you arrive in the area you will be surprised at the awe-inspiring scenery. The mountain ranges create a rugged, picturesque look to the horizon, whilst the abundance of flora and fauna will make you feel you have been whisked away to a wonderland.

The air is clear and refreshing; in fact, this is one of the reasons that parts of the area developed a reputation as a healing center in the 1950’s.

  1. Woodstock

One of the best known mountain towns in the Catskills area is Woodstock; it has a thriving art scene and is a tribute to the famous Woodstock festival of the 1960’s. The actual festival hit many problems during its initial creation; it was, originally, to be held at the town of Woodstock, although circumstances eventually led to it being held in a field in Bethel, very close to Woodstock. The town remains as a dedication to one of the most famous festivals of all time and is an excellent place to pick up nostalgia.

No matter what your preference the Catskills will have something to offer you, book your next vacation now and surprise yourself!

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