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7 Steps to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy


In the world today, millions of people experience thousands of problems daily. One of these many problems, sagging breasts, is becoming a huge issue in society. A lot of pressure exists in society as all women just want to look perfect. Most women are very self-conscious about their breasts, especially if they are either too large or too small. It is well-known that pregnancy causes sagging, too. Unfortunately, even perfect breasts will eventually begin to sag, especially since it’s a part of the female genetics. However, it is possible to prevent sagging.

Undergarments Are Important

First of all, always make sure to wear the proper undergarments at all times, especially during and after pregnancy. While pregnant, a woman’s breasts could grow to nearly double what they were before. If not done properly, bras that are too tight will push the breasts into an uncomfortable position, which leads to sagging.

Monitor Your Weight

Especially during pregnancy, always make sure to pay attention to your weight. It is healthy to gain around 25 – 35 pounds during a regular pregnancy, depending on previous weight and height. Under or overweight people may be a little different. It is important to pay attention to weight gain no matter what, as unhealthy diets and excess weight can lead to sagging breasts. The more weight gained during pregnancy, the more of a possibility that your breasts will sag.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Always make sure to keep your breasts moisturized. Moisturized breasts are more pliable and a little bit stronger skinned, therefore preventing sagging. If you are pregnant, there are certain creams and lotions designed specifically for this reason.

Try Different Bra Sizes

After pregnancy, always make sure to purchase several different bra sizes. If you’re nursing, your breasts may stay large for the entirety of the feeding. As your baby gets older and stops feeding, your breasts will probably start to get smaller. However, they will probably fluctuate for a while, reducing and gaining sizes. It is possible to go from the size they were during maternity to what they were during pregnancy.

Don’t Lose Weight Too Quickly

Also, make sure to lose any pregnancy weight at a slow pace. This is true for pregnant women and for anyone losing weight. It may seem easier to lose it all quickly, but it is proven that rapid weight loss results in sagging breasts. This is because when weight is lost, excess skin will not get removed and will stretch. When you lose weight slowly, it allows time for the skin to stretch back to how it was before.

Exercise and Stay Healthy

Make sure to stay healthy and exercise. Lift weights that work on muscles within the back and chest, as this will make breasts stronger and perkier. Doing cardio, yoga and any exercise all help breasts stay in shape and looking good. Make sure to wear a proper, well-fit sports bra when exercising too. Make sure to exercise at least twice a week.

Consider Undergoing a Breast Lift

When nothing else seems to work, you can turn to a breast lift to help put your breasts back where they are supposed to be. Just because pregnancy took its toll on your body, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with saggy breasts for the rest of your life. Take the time to discuss all of the options available to you with a licensed surgeon today.

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