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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Coffee

Are you a coffee addict? Do you feel ‘DEPRESSO” if you miss a cup of it? For many people, coffee is like a gravitational pull that keeps them intact. But, what if I say that the Goats discovered the Coffee? Wondering!!!! Check out these 7 given interesting facts about your favorite coffee, which you might not know about.

Coffee – the name is enough to wake up your taste buds. Whether it’s freaking out with your friends, or creating your bunch of thoughts, a cup of coffee makes the moment special. As a drink, it’s easy to geek out on it. Well, the number is great about people who need coffee as soon as they wake up and for saving their time and efforts, they like to brew it using coffee machines such as perfect 4 cup coffee maker.

But how much do you know about your morning brew?

To make your coffee time more exciting, here we have enlisted a few unknown facts about the coffee.

Enjoy your cup of Joy with these interesting facts

It’s the effect of caffeine on adenosine that makes you crave and not the coffee

We feel refreshed and soon get addicted to Coffee for a reason, all it has to do with the happenings in your head. When your brain is active, and the neurons are triggering, the neurons produce adenosine – the by-product. Your nervous system monitors the adenosine level regularly, but as the level increases, your brain slows down making you drowsy. Caffeine gets attached to your adenosine receptors disabling your brain to detect the adenosine levels.

It means that it’s not that the caffeine that makes you feel active; it actually put brakes on the thing that slows you down naturally.

Goats are responsible for discovering Coffee

Yes! According to a legend, a goatherd in Ethiopia noticed strange behavior of his goats. Even his goats weren’t able to sleep. On examining, he found that they grazed upon the berries from the coffee plant, and that their strange behavior was due to the caffeine. After this incidence, the goatherd reported this to an abbot, who later created a berries drink and noticed that it made him stay awake for longer too.

It was once illegal

In the past, Coffee was illegal in several areas of the world. In the 16th century, coffee was barred in Mecca as the leaders had a fear that their rivalries were meeting in coffeehouses and stimulating radical thinking by their choice of drink. Even the American Revolution and the French Revolution had their commencement as discussions in coffee houses. In the same century, people of Italy too considered coffee as a dangerous and satanic beverage. The matter was soon reported to the pope. Luckily, Clement VIII tried it and loved it, giving it full Papal approval.

It can be good for you

Although, an excess of coffee is harmful, a study shows that one to two cups of it every day is beneficial. It is found that Americans get most of their antioxidants from their daily coffee routine.

Roast and Brew for a great coffee

The great flavor of coffee comes from brewing and roasting. When coffee is roasted, the oil locked inside the beans begins to come out at around 400 degrees. The more the oil, the stronger you feel the flavor. As the water spends greater time in contact with the grounds, the caffeine content rises up.

Astronauts can drink coffee in space with a special cup

We all are well aware of the fact that there is no gravity in space. Hence, scientists at Portland State University have developed a special cup so that the astronauts don’t have to enjoy their coffee out of a bag. However, this zero-gravity coffee cup are not that affordable; they cost $500 to print in a 3-D printer.

Honeybees do have a link with coffee.

It has been shown that caffeine entices honeybees. It’s a kind of drug for them having a positive impact on their long-term memory.

BONUS: Coffee spills easily than beer.

Can you serve a cup of coffee completely full? It’s hard to keep it from spilling. Scientists have shown that pint doesn’t spill as easily as coffee because of its foam content.

Hope…the aforementioned facts would have amazed you!!!

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