7 Things You Should Look For in Your Wedding Venue

I am writing to those who have been dreaming about your wedding for years. It is important to find the perfect venue for your wedding. I am here to share a few suggestions that will really help.
Before I start this list you should know that there is a venue for everyone. You truly can find the venue of your dreams if you try hard enough. There are more wedding venues than ever before. Some are unique, some elegant, some modern and some are simply amazing. Whatever you dream of when you think about your venue is out there.
Since everyone has different taste I will list factors that will help you make your decision instead of preferences. You can make your own list of preferences and apply them as you choose your wedding venue. Each detail I list is important but these are not in a particular order.
Budget is a common deciding factor as you plan your wedding. Since price is a deciding factor for most of us it is important to know exactly what the venue will cost. Make sure you look at weekday prices as well as weekend prices. They are usually different.
Bundles or Packages
This goes along with price and can save you a lot of money. Some wedding venues have special offers if you use their preferred vendors. While going to Miday wedding reception venues I learned that I can save thousands of dollars by using preferred vendors. Sometimes catering, photography, decorations, and even wedding cakes can be included in a special offer. Make sure you learn about these offers.
Rules about catering
Sometimes wedding reception centers requires you to use their preferred caterer and sometimes the reception center requires you to provide your own catering. If you don’t know this until you have already booked the venue it can cause some headaches.
Hours of operation
It is important to know exactly how long you are able to rent the venue. This includes set up time and clean up time. Remember that the reception center is not responsible for cleaning up your mess, you are. You need to send your guests home early enough for you to clean up. You may have to pay more money for the extra time you use.
Venue Capacity
There is nothing worse than being at an over-crowded wedding. Crowded weddings happen because the venue is not big enough. Last week I attended a wedding at a Park City wedding venue and the venue size was perfect. This helped the experience in my eyes. Make sure you have a broad idea of how many guests are attending your wedding and make this a factor as you choose your venue.
Sound System
If you are having a live band or DJ make sure the venue offers a place for them to set up. If you are putting together your own playlist and playing your music from your iPod make sure the reception center has a system to play your music.
Is there a room to send children?
Some reception centers offer a place for kids to go and play while the adults are in the wedding. Some reception centers even offer a baby sitter. This can be a huge help if some of the guests bring crazy kids with them.
Make sure you use these suggestions. They will make your life so much easier as you plan. You can use these suggestions as well as apply your own requirements. I hope your wedding is fantastic. Best wishes!