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7 Tricks to conquer a man

7 Tricks to conquer a man

Do you think it is very difficult to conquer a man? Some women with a little effort and some charms fail to attract his attention. The truth is that everyone has their own tricks to achieve it.

If you want to conquer a man first thing you need to know it is that they need only 8.2 seconds to stare your eyes to love.

The longer you look is more interested in you. But after four seconds turns away, not interested, say scientists at the International Academy of Sex Research.

Step by step attracts attention

Research confirms that men use eye contact as a strategy to find more fertile and compatible partners. Although there are proven resources you can use to achieve your goal. Therefore, we share seven tips on how to conquer them.

1. Talk slow. American writing coach Bill Hamilton and course elite Being a woman ensures that this technique is infallible to attract a man in seconds.

When you speak slowly, you project an image of confidence; develop a sexy, seductive voice; He will take you and your words more seriously. Try to wait about three seconds to answer what he tells you to create an expectation, says Hamilton.

2. Avoid sex to be a resource. In the book Why Men Love Bitches, Argo Sherry explains that men seek sex from the beginning, then they want to establish a relationship. Therefore, by not giving him what he wants immediately, you become his girlfriend without noticing.

3. Be a challenge. If you represent a mental challenge you call his attention; to the extent not feel you have the total control you appreciate more as someone who offers you a challenge and but if you are something he can not have, oftener becomes a challenge.

To be about to achieve something you want to generate a desire to meet, suggests Sherry Argo.

4. Independent Show yourself. When I observed as a dependent woman, it is more likely to be disappointed. When a woman does not yield easily and does not appear docile or submissive, get it becomes more challenging, says Argo.

5. Do not take too provocative clothing. If your first date you want to conquer, it is best not to use too provocative clothing. Show him your sensuality with clothes that suits you, that call your attention.

6. eye contact and smile. The combination of these is the most effective resource for the attraction. Hamilton proposes to open your eyes and look directly for about 20 seconds with a small smile. With it, he will feel a strong attraction to you.

7. Do not complain too much. For the American writer, is unattractive complain about everything and especially when barely know. If your goal is to conquer focus on positive issues, talk about your achievements without being pretentious and the things that you love. He will be attracted to your dreams and scope.

Here are some tricks that can help you conquer the man of your dreams. Remember that one of the best techniques is to know your own charms and extract the most profit. Success!


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