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7 Unique Toilet Paper You’ll LOL Everytime You Use Them

Spice up your bathroom with these hilariously unique toilet paper! From Barack Obama’s face up to some statement designs, you’ll laugh out loud everytime you use them.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a household that uses only white toilet paper. And although other colors (such as light brown, light pink, and off-white) started to emerge years later, my family stayed loyal to white. So imagine my delight when I discovered some unconventional toilet paper designs that I’d like to share with you.

Maybe only a few of us can and will actually use these unique toilet papers, but there’s no denying that they’ll give you a good laugh. So this April Fools’ Day, or any occasion that you want to prank someone, make someone laugh out loud with these bathroom tissues.

1. Obama


For obvious reasons, this makes a perfect gift for the anti-Obama. So if you’re not satisfied with the President’s administration, perhaps this toilet paper can at least ease your dissatisfaction. Call it a sign of protest or a payback, but don’t take it seriously. After all, this toilet paper has only one intention, which is to add humor into someone’s bathroom moment.



2. $100 Bill


Don’t you wish you’re wiping your behind with real $100 bills? Wish no more because here’s an inexpensive way to get closer to your dream. This toilet paper has more than 100 tissue plies you can use.



3. Windoos


Do you prefer Mac over Microsoft’s operating system? Or is it the other way around? Either way, you’ll find this “Windoos” parody toilet paper amusing. As what the description says, “it works well in any operating system.”



4. Measuring Tape


The previous designs are all about humor, but for a change, this one is all about creativity. Measuring tape for a toilet paper? It doesn’t get any more creative than that. And oh, true to its name, it’s long enough to measure something’s length, or even your height!


5. Oh Crap!


Now here’s a bathroom tissue that certainly makes a bold statement. Take a good look at every ply because the words “Oh Crap” are embedded in all areas.


6. Yo Mama Roll

While some people take a book with them when they use the bathroom, others have their cellphone and play games. But if you don’t have anything with you, you might want to try this “Yo Mama” tissue roll. It’s filled with all the most hilarious “Yo Mama” jokes that will surely make your bathroom moment worthwhile.



7. AssWipes

Now this is what I call good branding! This toilet paper looks like it’s carrying a good brand, what with the neat colors and design. Take a look at it again, this time focusing on the name. What do you see?


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