7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands

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Let’s admit it, in every home makeover project we almost always “always” indulge ourselves in a variety of affordable home appliances in the Philippines to put in our kitchen because these are the type to bring out the specific style of the whole room. Stylish and yet very functional! These appliances and other small kitchen pieces are considered to be the items that give your kitchen character.

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Aside from the living room, most homeowners will take specific attention and spend long hours to perfectly design their kitchen. Because it’s more than just a room for concocting delicious meals and scrumptious treats, it is also a room for family activities where you can bond over. In addition if the kitchen is roomy and spacious, many take it as an advantage to install a kitchen island which is perfect for family and other social gatherings. It’s where you can cook and dine at the same time.

So you already have the appliances which give some flare to the kitchen, now, how about a good kitchen island to give it more form? In this article, here are seven ways to revamp your kitchen and upgrade from a small dining table to an expansive kitchen island.

  1. Symmetrical Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: atlanticshopping.co.uk

Delicious food and a show!” With this expansive island, a symmetrical design should be proportional to the overall space of your kitchen area. The clean and accurate lines as well as the measurement should be covered to accommodate the room. So if you are the type to “cook and serve” for your guests, then you can easily do that by having a symmetrical kitchen island.

  1. Double-Duty Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: homedit.com

If you are looking for additional storage space then a double-duty kitchen island is the way to go! Given that it has ample work space and recessed shelves which can be used as clever storage space. You can also improve it by adding shelves to fixtures even without adding square footage on the island. One of many kitchen styles that is known to be a practical approach.

  1. Vintage Styled Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: kitchentoday.net

A vintage-styled island is much more prominent in contemporary homes which most mothers choose. This design is known to emit a cozy and welcoming atmosphere which appeals to almost every one of us. Who isn’t right? All of us would want a kitchen that has that homey vibe to it and a comforting atmosphere where we can cook and dine.

  1. Natural Marble-Topped Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: monterior.com

This marble-topped style can also be distinguished as a French Kitchen Island, with the marble top is a giveaway to an elegant and sophisticated design. Natural marbled countertops is often categorized as a timeless design since it has a certain charm to it that is similar to an old classic, antique hand finished furniture commonly found in bakeries and patisseries.

  1. Open Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: decorpad.com

Kitchen floor receives a lot of traffic since it’s where most activities happen and you would want as much free space to move around your own kitchen without feeling too compressed and clustered. The Open Kitchen island is a common approach to kitchen designs since it allows you to roam free, you can navigate around the room effortlessly. Also one advantage in having an open island is the easy and quick visual as it easily gives you access to those kitchen appliances.

  1. Moveable Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: johnlagos.com

Similar to an Open Kitchen Island, having a moveable gives you free space since you can change its placement from one place to another. Installing locker casters in your kitchen island allows for movement which is generally an advantage if you only have a limited kitchen space. You can easily redecorate your kitchen and move around certain appliances as well as placing your furniture more strategically. Accommodating all of your owned kitchen appliances is much easier when you have a moveable kitchen island.

  1. Modernized Sleek Kitchen Island

7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
Image source: nysaan.com

A modern styled island consists of monochromatic color tone and yet it is still complimentary to all the features of the kitchen. Modernized, similarly called as an industrialized look, is also the type of island to be seen with contemporary interior designs that gives it enough of a sleek and classic edge to the much simpler layout.


You can choose from these seven kitchen islands ideas to give you inspiration. Now, accommodating large groups of people wouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. You can achieve that house party you’ve been planning for weeks!

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7 Ways to Rethink Kitchen Islands, Seekyt
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